A rant about a guy and scotchbrite

Just got home from a bimble down the road to Sliema, here in Malta. The authorities have had built a little piaza with some water fountains which kids can run through. The strimmer is enthralled by them.
There was a local bloke there with his three daughters and a couple of cameras to record him chasing them around the fountains... looked odd, but hey, I'm the foreigner here so everyone to their own.
They then get the youngest out of the pram (6 mnths old) and put her into a little inflateable boat, the oldest kid then pours cold water over this confused little kid, and proceeds to "wash" her with one of those yellow sponge\green scothbrite pubs.
Yup, he was taking photos of his 1st daughter rubbing a piece of scotchbright over the face\body of his youngest child....

I had to take the strimmer and Mrs F away PDQ as she was getting rather annoyed (a very polite understatement). What a fcuking idiot this man is. And he is not alone. There are a good deal of weirdos here.

So, I have to ask, would you like a good rubbing down with a bit of scotchbrite? I know RJ would consider it ....
<aside>and it appears that him and I were dabbers at around the same time ... scary.
BreathingOutOnTheWayUp said:

Its just progress/tribal custom - they used to use wire wool, then brillo pads (but much too soapy) now greenies.
Progress? Here??

Actually, I do them a dis-service. Some of the educated people whom we have met are actually quite nice. Notice the word "some"; however, I can't believe the amount of corruption going on here. Sicilian Mafia? Bunch of poofs compared to this lot.
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