A quiet thank you!


New to the RN way of doing things (but not to Military life) and just wanted to say a quiet thank you to those of you who post advice, stories and just in general unknowingly inform the innocent amongst your readers.

My OH does a funny job and one that I knew nothing about until finding RR through Arrse.

I now have a far better understanding of what he does, how he spends his months under the ocean and I am even more proud of him than I was before and managed to get some of the knowledge without asking him a thousand questions.

Thank you again. :thanks:


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And thank you!

...and many thanks from us to all our OHs for putting up with it/us.
My tribute to the uniqueness of OHs is neatly captured in "Creating a Navy Wife".
Used it at a Ladies Night dinner once, to great effect....


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SubmarinersOH said:
...My OH does a funny job and one that I knew nothing about...

8O :?