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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by cookie, May 22, 2006.

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  1. Describe the differences between Officers and Ratings (as the only distinction the Navy's website gives is in educational requirements, and that officers supervise). I have no naval-minded friends to give me any advice on this. All they say is "you can get your own ship :D" :?

    It's not that I'm entirely ignorant, it's just that I want to join and I wonder whether it's worth the effort of getting the neccesary grades to become an officer. I.E.; supervising is fine but doing is better, and if Officer = little to no doing then I don't really want to bother.

    Be gentle with your responses!! And try to keep the "Ratings do all the work", etc to a minumum. :p
  2. Officers get to have a Sword and stand out in front on divisions!
  3. lol Well, you've sold me. :p
  4. Simple;

    Ratings work

    Officers give orders to ratings to work.

    This is why you will hear some one say;

    'I'm not an officer, I work for a living'
  5. :eek: I said you weren't allowed to say that!! lol
  6. Indeed Ratings work, but I missed the fact that my fellow wardroom members and I were up as long as, or longer than, the rest of the Ship's Company during refit, BOST and DCT, my bad. We were obviously drinking too many horse's necks and braying about how daddy was going buy us a new aston martin....

    [I bit!]
  7. Officers dont do Nines!!!!!
  8. Nah, we have the pleasure of the XO volunteering us for things....
  9. Sorry, selective seeing goes with select hearing! Its a trait us women have!
  10. Officers get cocktail parties,jack gets shit.
  11. Ah, you see if the JRs are the 'staff' you get free drinks, wasted and have your WEO try to sell you to some crazy Japanese guy!

    I'll always rememeber that one!
  12. Cocktail Parties-A perk of the job? You can take my place anytime!
  13. Ratings can get completely boll*x'd, shag women of ill reput and get into vast amounts of trouble, and only get a meagre punishment.

    Officers would lose their jobs if they appear slightly squiffy in front of the chaps.

    Sweeping generalisation but with a hint of truth.

    Join the Marines, get to the rank of seargent and be party to the best drinking sessions the world has ever seen. Also you can meet interesting people in distant parts of the world and shoot them.
  14. Something to do with mushrooms come to mind, if you don’t know what I mean doesn’t ask ladies and gentlemen.
  15. Well that works both ways.

    Ratings leave the door to the Comms Office unlocked with the Crypto Safe open, they get busted, fined and lose their rate. Officers leave laptops in their cars with Top Secret (and higher!) Gulf War deployment briefs stored on them (which then get stolen) and they get promoted to Commander.

    POWTRs dip into the travel budget and they get busted, fined, stripped of their Rate and Good Conduct Badges and sent to Detention. Lieutenants indulge in "questionable" accounting practices and "lose" money from budgets and they get told to "be more careful in future".

    A bunch of ratings drive a MT Pool Car into a lampost causing £5000 worth of damage and putting the lives of three men at risk and they get busted, banned from driving and fined. A bunch of officers drive a Destroyer into a rock causing £40million worth of damage and putting the lives of 200 men at risk and one gets told off, one gets really told off, and the other two get sent to bed without their supper.

    I could go on...
  17. Officers have to use a knife and fork properly - for JR's it's optional. For SR's though... Officers have to wear fancy dress to scran and endure hours of polite conversation and laugh at unfunny jokes made by senior officers as a matter of courtesy (read: survival). Cocktail parties - OK, but given the option of socialising with the local big knobs or gulping beer on the golden sands surrounded by scantily clad females, hairy matelots and a pig roasting on the hot briquettes, I know which I'd prefer. The pig roasting on the briquettes should be an unpopular one, perhaps the First Lt, then he won't be missed! :lol:

    Ratings are tough, manly and some have tattoos (and tough and womanly, in the New Modern Navy). Officers never wear tattoos, are delicate and effeminate (unless they joined as Juniors (UA), that is). Ratings are hard working whereas officers are, er, well hard working... :?
  18. Don't be a prat. Work out who gets the best pay and pension rights, then make your decision. Remember, though, if you are intent on joining, you might not get a choice!
  19. So he'd be joining the RFA then :wink:
  20. Well to be honest... exactly. In the bad old days (in 1960) if you wanted to become an ossifer you had to join at 13 and mummy & daddy had to be able to pay for you to spend years at Dartmouth, which to all intents and purposes was a public school. If your parents couldn't afford the fees and you were intelligent you went to Shotley and became a JRO instead :(

    The sensible choice, if you have one, is to seek a Commission. Your life prospects will be greatly enhanced, especially if you are versatile and can adapt to civvy street after your service without harking back to your days in the Fleet (fleecing the nippers)! You will also have better pay, a better pension and much better accomodation.

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