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Describe the differences between Officers and Ratings (as the only distinction the Navy's website gives is in educational requirements, and that officers supervise). I have no naval-minded friends to give me any advice on this. All they say is "you can get your own ship :D" :?

It's not that I'm entirely ignorant, it's just that I want to join and I wonder whether it's worth the effort of getting the neccesary grades to become an officer. I.E.; supervising is fine but doing is better, and if Officer = little to no doing then I don't really want to bother.

Be gentle with your responses!! And try to keep the "Ratings do all the work", etc to a minumum. :p

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Ratings work

Officers give orders to ratings to work.

This is why you will hear some one say;

'I'm not an officer, I work for a living'
Indeed Ratings work, but I missed the fact that my fellow wardroom members and I were up as long as, or longer than, the rest of the Ship's Company during refit, BOST and DCT, my bad. We were obviously drinking too many horse's necks and braying about how daddy was going buy us a new aston martin....

[I bit!]

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higthepig said:
Officers get cocktail parties,jack gets shit.

Ah, you see if the JRs are the 'staff' you get free drinks, wasted and have your WEO try to sell you to some crazy Japanese guy!

I'll always rememeber that one!

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