a quick question about War Spec.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by lloydie, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. I think ive decided that Warfare Specialist is the job for me with Seaman specialist being my second choice.

    Quick question do Warfare Specialists ever go on watch in the bridge or are there duties only really in the ops room?

    Also what other duties do they do around the ship can they help out with resupplies or out on the ribs?

    Thanks to anyone that helps me with these q's.

    Want to know these now as im off to the AFCO this week for my inital presentation/interview.

    Cheers All.
  2. Warfare Specs, watch keep in the OPS Room, and Work on a Area on the upperdeck. Everyone Stores ships and there is no Rhib time,

    Plus alot of cleaning!
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    In addition to the above, together with other trades, you can expect to keep watches (shifts) when the ship is alongside as gangway sentry (for want of a better 'civilianised' description).
  4. you also get to specialise in *either Above water warfare (AWW) firing the guns etc. underwater warfare (UW) keeping an eye out for subs etc and then theres electronic warfare (EW) ships surveillance.
  5. thanks guys thats definitely given me the information i needed, warfare specialist is more than likely the job for me, cant wait to go for my interview now. :D
  6. Got my initial presentation/interview tomorrow at 2pm. Already know what i want to do. Warfare Specialist Tactical (Subs) with same but sensors as backup plan :)

    Just wondering what happens at the initial thingie.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The clue is in the title "presentation", it's simply a generic introduction to the service & purely optional, there's no interview but you're at liberty to ask random questions.

    Both listed trades are non-shortage, WS(TSM) currently has a 28 month waiting list & WS (SSM) 12 months, so be aware it's possible you may only get processed as far as sitting the Recruiting Test, then put 'on ice' until the shortage trades are processed.
  8. Ah right. loooong wait then. Perhaps they need to take down the Submariners wanted posters at the AFCO lol. Fair enough. Gonna be at least 27 then before i get anywhere i guess lol
  9. just been looking around are the gun crews that prepare the 20mm and 30mm made up of warfare specs and ninja_stoker do you know what the waiting is for war spec for surface fleet?
  10. yeah, WS get to operate the 30mm and if you specialise in AWW youll work closy with the WE'S, as for the waiting list its currently around 24months.

    ive only 8 weeks to go before i start as WS and i sat my test last april

    hope this helps
  11. cheers chrisj09 24months is fair im gonna do a 2 year college course anyways so should be ideal for waiting times.

    Good luck for 8 weeks time.
  12. no problam mate, if you need anymore help just give me a shout, let me know how things get on.
  13. Just got off the phone to plymouth careers office and my ICP is booked for next tuesday how quickly after your ICP can you expect to be doing your RT?
  14. lloydie, sent you a pm
  15. il let ya know, my IP is tomorrow at Exeter matey. nice to know some others are at same stage :) What ya hoping to join as? and how old? 24 here
  16. sent one back
  17. Nice im hoping to go in as WS and im 16.
  18. am currently waiting for me joinin date for WS sat mr rt test last august just spoke to a CA he said the waiting time for WS are still the same 24 months and he said it will get worse before it gets better, so best thing ya can do is get ya head down and train ya arse off while you have got the chance, chris apart from the general information about ws you can get from the AFCO have you found out anything else about WS?

  19. not that i can think of off the top of my head but, theres a chief i know whos AWW side of things ill speak to him, also if you pm guns im sure he can help you out
  20. oh burnsy there is one thing, regarding AWW (once you become a killick) you can go back to raleigh and teach recruits drill etc

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