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I Have recently visited Beaucourt Sur Somme which the Royal Naval division took in November 1916 and consequently the Commenwealth Cemetries have hundreds if not thousands of members of that division in them. One thing I found curious was that although members of the Royal Navy had the Fouled Anchor with Crown on their headstones the members of the Royal Marines had the Globe and Laurel but with no Crown. I was under the impression that all Regiments or Corps with the title Royal had the Crown as part of their cap badge.
The current RM beret badge and RM crest are both topped by the Crown and Lion indicating that they are a Royal Regiment.

I did notice when I was out there that the WWII ones appear to have the crown and lion but not the WW1 graves.

I too visited the Somme this month for a weeks walking tour.


The Crown did not become part of the Royal Marines cap badge until 1923 when the Royal Marine Light Infantry (RMLI) and the Royal Marine Artillery (RMA) were combined and the current cap badge was created.
Prior to that RMLI ranks wore the Globe and Laurel surmounted by the Light Infantry bugle and RMA ranks wore the Flaming/Bursting Grenade badge on their caps with Globe and Laurel collar dogs on uniforms.
Thanks for that. I visited the Somme battlefields in March and this question has been bothering me ever since.

It does produce another question of why was there any particular reason the Crown was not included on the various cap badges before 1923?
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