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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by NorwayChris, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. I had to get up during the night cos our 7 month old babys teething,anyway i was serfing the net and came across an article about a RM who went over to the USA and set records when he did the USMC obstacle course,then a USMarine was sent over to show the Bootys how its done and couldnt even get round in the alloted time for new recruits,ive tried to find the article but cant,just wondered if there was any truth in this dit,

    Ps The reason given for the USMarines lack of fitness was that they are driven everywhere where as Bootys yomp,

    Cheers NC (ex RN)
  2. I have heard this on a few occasions but have dismissed it as an urban myth.

    The Jarheads I've seen seem to be in pretty good shape.
  3. Cheers Monty,i am buggered if i can remember where i saw it on the net,i`ll have another look later when the rugrats sleeping,
  4. You never know though mate, most urban myths are normally an elaborated version of some kind of gen event. But I've certainly heard it before also.

    Edited to add: Sorry mate, mis-read your post. The Urban myth was that both services exchanged 2 lads each to do each others training. The USMC apparently didn't even get as far as the Commando tests whereas the said Booties broke all records and pissed it over the pond.

    So the obstacle course one you read may be true.
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    You've got to remember there is more US Marines than British forces and more female jarheads than Bootnecks! so obviously standards are a bit lower. The septics have a few decent units within their Marine Corps but it's a pretty big organisation.

    We played with some of them at Poole back in the 80's, first time I broke my nose actually, I collapsed on parade the morning after (stand fast all DL's it was to attention) due to all the cocktails the mean buggers had forced me to drink, anyway we all then had to do a BFT, some seaborne warriors struggled a tad, strange they all had the same accent........ :p

  6. Youtube is the domain of the speshul forzes. Some of the comments you see on some of the videos are written by the kind of people who's closest experience of the Forces is that they once saw a tramp swamp himself whilst wearing a 15th hand pair of lightweights.

    I swear that youtube has the highest percentage of SF, racists and general fruitloops anywhere on the internet. Random quote:


    "dat waz me on Snagginn rooftp, me and boyz waz killin moozlims 4 da wezt."

    Except perhaps Rum Ration.
  7. I read a report a couple of years ago about how the USMC had a significant change in focus around their expectations of fitness following GW1, with a change in doctrine towards encouraging aerobic a lot more than they had done. It was ''official'', a reprint of the article from their professional journal, so a pretty fair assessment.

    That said there was certainly a USMC Staff Sgt equivalent on the staff at CTC during the early 90s, I'm not sure if that exchange was a standard deal or not.

    Notwithstanding all of that, can't comment on the veracity of the tale.

  8. Point taken, 8)
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    That'll be colour Sgt then..... 8)

    But yes, there has been jarheads at CTC on training teams on and off for years, I think even our esteemed NZB had one acting as his troop occifer.
  10. We had a USMC Maj go through with the troop before me. Cant remember his name but he was getting on a bit and passed out. Mind you half that troop went SB anyway so the standard of phys was pretty good anyway!!!
  11. NC, urban myth. This would have been all over the Corps if it had happened as stated. It is feasible that one of the exchange guys did some of their tests but I have never heard of any USMC attempting training (as opposed to the AACC). Another consideration is that the USMC actually train at 3 different establishments so there is no definitive "record" per se to beat. Mind you lum616 may be correct and I may be talking bolleau :lol:
    Oh, by the way NC, a comment on You Tube can hardly be considered an "article" :)

    The USMC exchange SNCO (Gunnery Sgt) now works alongside the Corps Master Coach on the marksmanship trg team (in what may be remembered as the Corps shooting team building).

  12. Why thankyou,at the mo i am a "stay at home dad" so i cant get out of getting up during the night with the little (but gorgeous) bugger, :D
  13. I get your point about "article ,comment on youtube" as i said i was up late last night and couldnt really workout where i had seen this piece abouy Bootys/Usmc,my head was still fogy with lack of sleep when i wrote the question, anyway thanks all for answering and i think we will leave it as an urban myth,
  14. Are you suggesting Forces' posts on YouTube aren't 100% pukka? o_O

    ......And there was me thinking the Stoka Boys were real and authentic!
  15. Heard that tale in 1970 apparently they took on the ropes and agility and and then asked do we now get our green beret. Load of crap already mentioned they have a corp the population of a small town so not everyone is going to be top rate.

    Youtube. The .50 snipers rifle one guy firing in the desert at sods turfs etc showing the range of the weapon. Identical clip popped up a while later comment by a melon head the sods turfs are now Taliban heads being zapped.
  16. I have worked with USMC for the Iraq invasion, the guys we had attached with us had average fitness, nothing special but also done some training with the force recon and their fitness was very impressive, same as the Seals, worked with Seal team 6, some had a good fitness others did not, but we are no different, there are some fitness monsters amonst us and some couch poatotes amonst us.
    Also watching anything military on youtube makes me laugh, they seem to know everything about **** all, and as already been mentioned the language used on it is pretty shocking.
  17. What made me laugh was the Crabs marching to S Club 7!!!!!!!
  18. Not wishing to decry anyone who does the CTC RM course or indeed the US or other countrys Marines course come to that. They must all be pretty fit to do it.
    One piece of journalism was published, not sure if was on here or a news channel report. It stated that a US marine had his own challenge going in the US sort of an endurance test. Reported as an impossible to finish course.
    A passing Ex Capt RM (On a cycling holiday) entered the competition and was joined by another Commando type (not UK or US).
    Both these not only helped the organiser to light a fire without matches during the event but marched over the finish line together. Perhaps Soleil could find the report.
  19. Sort of...

    NY Times


    Trust the septics to give it a name like that as well... :lol:

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