A question on naval fitness.

Gents (and ladies),I am currently trying to do some research into the standards of fitness into the Royal Navy and I was wondering if I can get some help? Using google I have been able to ascertain the number of people kicked out of the RN last year due to failing their RNFT (4, all ratings) and the number of personnel who fail to pass the entry fitness test (23%), but one figure I cannot for the life in me find is what the current figure or percentage is for personnel that are currently out of date for their RNFT. I've tried searching through Defence Connect (all I get is the RNR units stating when the next fitness test is) and I currently don't have access to DII as I'm on shore and my account is afloat. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I've only ever seen those figures published by each unit/establishment individually.
would you need to look at some clever report in the depths of JPA to get the stats you need?
Aye, that's the only way I've seen it to outside of news reports, but it's a question that's been asked of me to find out and a response is expected. As we have a wide range of knowledge on here I was hoping someone might know where I could find the answer.

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Isn't there a specific RNFT Policy Officer working at Temeraire? Failing that, Fleet XO in NCHQ would be a good first POC. He's a lovely bloke, if somewhat enormous.

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