A question of honour for Gordon Brown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, May 16, 2010.

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  2. At last; the smoke and mirrors trick has been exposed. All that additional "aid" to support "current Ops" was supposed to be new money from the Treasury rainy day piggy-bank. Well isn't that what Brown and his Darling next door neighbour rold us?
  3. Knight of the Order of the Thistle, I like the sound of that and if I may say so justly deserved.

    Well here we go again the new incumbents blaming everything on the previous, same old shite different day.
  4. For the next couple of years I'd say they have a point.
  5. Well it is there fault, it can't be anyone elses, they were the only ones in power, they (and particularly him) lied and cheated, but then only another jock would agree with the shit he has left this country in.
  6. Surely an Oxymoron?

    Honour....?.....Politician.... ?....... Nah, surely not!
  7. It'll all end in tears, it always dose no matter who's at the helm. :wink:
  8. You can chuck in the gerrymandering of the votes with the corruption within the Postal Votes system. Almost 70 cases that I know of being investigated by the Boys in Blue.
  9. The Defence Select Committee were well aware of the Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft, the £13billion programme of which they speak

    Chair of his Committee was Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP (Conservative, North East Hampshire). Other members included Mr Adam Holloway MP (Conservative, Gravesham), Mr Bernard Jenkin MP (Conservative, North Essex), and Mr Mike Hancock MP (Liberal Democrat, Portsmouth South). All of these were returned in the recent General Election.

    What astonishes and baffles me is the willingness of some to accept that the Tories and the Lib Dems did not know. Either the Tories on the select committee did not brief Liam Fox (as shadow defence secretary) or he did not listen. Either of these do not reflect well on Fox. The third alternative is that Fox is a lying conniving bastard who we should not trust as far as we can shoot him.

    What was It that Roger Daltrey sang, "meet the new boss, same as the old boss"

    Just goes to prove that, no matter who you vote for, it's always the fucking politicians who win. Slag off Labour all you like, but please don't lionise the rest, they are no better.
  10. Joe, the spleen venters don't want to hear the truth, however if they hoisted it onboard it would save them a fortune in the tissues that they use to wipe the spittle and foam off their monitors.

    It is also highly amusing that the Labour bashers have gone quiet over the ash cloud phenomenon, It seems that ‘Hug a Hoody Dave’ is of the same mind as Gordon was, better safe than sorry where the science is not proven.
  11. That is something we will have to judge at a later time. For now I don't care how they do it or if they lie, as long as it shows that Fat, One Eyed lying and cheating Bastard for what he really was and is.
    If they have to lie, then so be it, he done enough of that to us over the past 13 years.
  12. You have either missed or are ignoring the salient point I was trying to make, that the new bosses are blatantly lying, and the chronically gullible are only too pleased to believe them.
  13. Can you amplify on that. Having been in power less than a month, what exactly are they "blatantly" lying about.
  14. The best thing about the Conservative - Liberal coalition is that it has removed much the malicious Scotch influence from English politics.

    For too long NuLiebour funded it's power base in Scotlandshire by the simple method of transferring money raised from taxing the long-suffering English to the socialist porridge-wogs.

    As for Cyclop's knighthood; a little of the Wee Willie Wallace treatment would be more appropriate.
  15. They lied about being unaware of the £13billion Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft programme(see my previous post). Doubtless, once it is clear that they have been rumbled, it will be explained away as a misunderstanding.
  16. The way I read it was they were unaware of the total cost. Maybe they were lying, maybe not. As a rule I do not trust senior officers or politicians but I'm prepared to give them a chance to prove themselves.

    It's interesting how people are ready to criticise the present government when they'cve been in power a whole 6 days. Not hard to detect some peoples political affiliations.
  17. To be fair to the Con/Lib Government, Labour were blaming the Tories for the state of the nation a few months ago - a good 13 years after they came to power. At least when Labour took over last time the Exchequer was healthy, so Labour could spend all the money. What has Con/Lib inherited? A huge deficit which Labour kept explaining away by saying Gordo was cleverer than everyone else and knew what he was doing.

    And his arse plays the banjo.

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