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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by snapdragon, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Following the 'questions for the ladies' thread, i have realised that i do have one burning question for the men. What is it about blow jobs you like so much? What's your preferred technique? I'm so curious i might wet myself, so hurry.
  2. You mean your not wet just thinking about it !
  3. We lay back and let you take control. It feels better than the other hole most of the time and the use of hands is always an added bonus. Tongue too.

    And what you decide to do at the 'end' makes a difference as well. :wink:
  4. You get to have some fun,shot your bolt if your lucky and canny without the fear of unwanted pregnancy.... :twisted: :twisted:
  5. I should think before i type :roll: This is Lil's after all.
  6. Depends, what do you like about a guy going down on you ??? :cool:

    Oh and it helps if while the lady is 'performing' that she tries NOT to use her teeth :cry:
  7. No the threat of the teeth is part of the fun :eek:
  8. Well i did have a friend who once said he quite likes the occasional teeth scrape as it reminds him his granny's not doing it :shock:
  9. Subset are you out of your mind !!!

    Better to be safe than sorry and grab a granny with no teeth!
  10. Here here, nothing worse than a grazed knob.
    Although, describe your worst blow job........excellent!
  11. There is also another VERY GOOD reason fellas like BJs.........

    That reason is that for the time it takes from start to finish.......

    The lady (or gent-no discrimination allowed) has something in their mouth to keep them quiet for a few precious moments :grin:

  12. Easy, in bed with ex when her kids walked in......... :oops: :oops:
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Until very recently, It was far from my favourite means of pleasure. That was largely due to some very unpleasant experiences involving teeth. Thanks to a very gentle and skilled young woman with an oral fixation, I've rediscovered its delights. She know's who she is.

    As to why; I think it's because it is done too you and for you as opposed to having to put much effort into it. It's a bit like the principle of never being able to tickle yourself but go into hysterics when someone else does it to you.
  15. Snaps, it's BLISS! Personally I like the sensation of a man's tongue licking the end in a circling motion - it tickles slightly - and a bit of dental action can add to the whole experience. It even beats the delights of applying (white) Tiger Balm, which is something else you might like to try. Tea tree oil is another interesting thing to try on that front, though it stings a bit at first! Avoid Red Tiger Balm though, unless you like that Jalapeno sensation! :cry: :roll:

    To be honest it's the best form of sex around, IMHO.
  16. Tiger balm? No! Surely that's too much! Had some near misses with Thai Oil (boxing liniment- think Deep Heat times 20), so i think the Tiger Balm would be a bit much.

    Keep on with the tips, er, i mean 'favourite techniques'.
  17. The sensation is enhanced if you apply it shortly after a hot shower, and even better after a longish hot bath! :grin: Try Mentholatum ointment, that's what I tried originally. The Tiger Balm was recommended by a straight matelot as what they used in his day, on board ship... It must have made his Mess smell interesting!
  18. You'd know what everyone was up to!

    I'm a bit scared of all these ointments, AAC, wouldn't they taste nasty? :)
  19. Only because Tiger Balm used to have Opium in it AAC never bought the stuff since its been removed.
  20. Interesting Hig, I never knew that! Why did they remove it?

    Snaps, if it's purely piccolo licking/sucking you're into then I would suggest painting it with chocolate and sprinkling it with hundreds and thousands, though personally I don't need any flavourings: neat skin flavour suits me (freshly washed in some nice smelling soap/gel, of course!) :eek:

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