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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by greenking, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. Okay, I have a few questions I have always wanted to ask but been too afraid. So hiding behind the anonimity this site brings, let's start a thread......!

    Here's my first one:

    "What does a manicure do for you?"

    Come on lads, there must be some questions you want the answers to.....

  2. Probably not the answer you were looking for but for my wife about £25 each time she does one.
  3. I am not into nails myself but I am willing to answer any other, perhaps more probing questions.
  4. If you ask a woman “What’s wrong?â€, she’ll say “nothingâ€, which means something is wrong. Instead of getting the hump because we don’t know what’s wrong, why don’t women just tell us?
  5. Shoes.

    What's all that about then?
  6. In this situation I have always assumed it is because the lass knows whatever it is that is making her have the hump is something totally silly BUT at the same time the other half of her wants to explode with annoyance.. I often say nothing because I know that what has annoyed me is soooo trivial I am going to end up looking like Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction.
  7. nails, shoes... I get the feeling I am too much of a man to be answering these questions as both do nothing for me!
  8. Don't worry, the questions will get smuttier. :twisted:
  9. Because you should know!!

    No, i think it's because we do want to say, but we're a bit afraid of being considered a burden or a whinger. If you want some brownie points with a lady, say, "I know something's wrong, i want to hear about it, i won't think badly of you.". And we will respond. Perhaps with a blow job or something.
  10. Shopping. I mean good god!!! A bloke will decide he needs something, go out, buy it, come home. A woman won't know what she wants, spend hours 'shopping' looking for it, come home either elated she got a bargain (even though she didn't need it before she went) or pi$$ed off she couldn't find anything......

    What the hell is all that about?

    And manicures, what do they do for you girls?
  11. Snappie, I know something's wrong, I want to hear about it, I won't think badly of you.

    BTW, don't talk with your mouth full. :twisted:
  12. A manicure-------- makes a hand look good - even as a dabber I always do my nails before a big night out- I try remember to take polish off b4 turn to (not always).
    And blokes DO notice, a scabby badly chewed nail is grim -- and be honest men -- u DO notice!!!!!!!!
  13. oh hell that makes me sound right girlie!!!!!!!!!
  14. But do you need a manicure to make your hand look good Brazen? My question, I think, is more of an interest in what a manicure is. Surely it's not just painting nails is it?
  15. *cough, splutter, choke*

    I've never had a manicure. Would it make me wet?

    I quite like shopping. I don't do all that faffing around though. Boyfriend is one for that. Doesn't know what he wants and then buys a bargain that he probably doesn't need.
  16. My philosophy has been I may be in 8's/ combats/ ovvies whatever during the working day- so when I'm ashore its nice to look ok-- hair, nails etc...
    don't get me wrong I've done my crap onboard, and was never into make up etc whilst at sea but alongside- its nice to ditch the "matelot" and revert to being a "woman".
  17. no its more than that- I did a course as a nail technician- and no its not just painting nails - it goes into nail structure, complaints, deformities, treatemnts- and then you get the - hand massage techniques, nail treatments, nail art, extensions, etc................
    But on a personnal note- i think nice nails give an impression of yourself - self pride- like clean shoes, ironed clothes etc - presentatioon!

    god that sounds pretentious!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
  18. Well thanx Brazen - I am now educated!!! Can I assume that, like the 6 hours or so you spend getting a haircut, the point of a manicure for a lady is the attention given to her on a personal level culminating with a gorgeous result?

    Now then, shopping......anyone?

  19. has nack all to do with attention mate - i do it for myself - after x amount of time at sea i like to be a girl again--------- and i don't take 6 hours to get ready either!!!!!!!!!
    shopping - hate it!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Do you all compare 'bits' in female changing roomsand towel each other off?
    Please DO NOT shatter this illusion for me!!!!!

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