A question for someone in the know.

Evening gents. Long story short, I've been TMU'd a second time due to the mention of a suspected healing osteochondritis of the knee 3 years ago. There was although, another specialist who disagreed with said diagnosis. My case has been forwarded by capita to someone or other (was really quite distraught at this point). I am just wondering, is there any point at all in me getting my hopes up as getting passed fit? What would the appeal process involve? Been a goal of mine to become a bootneck since I was 8, have 3 green lids in my family. Any help would be much,much appreciated. Thanks.
This is posted in the wrong forum, this is a forum about the corps.
Ask a mod to post it in joining up royal navy recruiting (I know you plan on joining RM but its still RN) or post a new one in there if you don't want to wait.
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