A QUESTION FOR DIVERS about branch change

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by yorkshirelad_rn, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi people
    Im a killick WAFU, been in just over 10 years and ive always fancied being a diver. I would request to go ships diver tomorrow if they brought it back but unfortunately that s not going to happen. Anyway my (few) question is:

    1: Would i lose my rate if i branched changed to clearence diver?
    2: Would i take the pay drop should i lose my rate? (im level 5 killick)
    3: Would i start from the beginning with all the joe public fresh from Raleigh?
    4: If i did lose my rate would i get it again sooner than the 78 years it took the first time?

    I wouldnt mind losing my rate if i kept my pay. As i have 2 kids and am married, i couldnt do it if i took the pay cut too.
    ANy other information would be great and also from existing divers, what is it like?
    Cheers shippers's


    Bloody wafu's! ;)
  2. SUB SUNK Anyone??

    Sorry for writing 2 topics, i forgot to add this into my diving thread but...
    does anyone know if the sub sunk branch still exists? and whats the requirements to get in it if it does? Like i said in the other post, im looking at having something to do with diving within the military. Ive seen the badge still exists on them posters but no-one knows anything about the branch. Someone told me years ago which got me thinking,
    anyway thanks again for your help
  3. I can only help with Questions 1 and 3, the answer to both is Yes.

    Good luck fella, make sure you get plenty of phys in 'cos it's going to hurt! If you get the go-ahead you'll have to complete the aptitude week, might be worth seeing if you can get some work down at DDS as nothing will prepare you for what awaits like actually doing it.
  4. Ive always kept myself quite fit and ive heard that they give you a good beasting. What else can i expect?
  5. The staff don't pull any punches, I can only imagine that they'd expect you to be more switched on and responsible than the average baby diver. Make sure you use your prior experience to your full advantage, but don't alienate yourself from the lads you'll be on course with. It's very tough to pass course as an individual, you stand a much better chance as part of a strong team.
  6. thats pritty much how you get on in the mob, isnt it? Blend in, have a laugh and get on with things laughing on the way.
    Do you know anything about this sub sunk branch?
  7. There is no 'sub sunk' branch as such but there is the SPAG (Submarine Parachute Assistance Group) which includes SETT (Submarine Escape Training Tank) staff, medics and CDs. Look here and here for more details.
  8. That is excellant mate, thanks. It still doesnt say if anyone can join and how to join though, have you any idea?
  9. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    How about you pass the divers course before worrying about getting a particular draft? There is a lot more to the diver branch than just SPAG.
  10. Im a CT and would imagine that going diver is the same as going CT (as far as rates go etc), to that end you can't be reduced in rate nor pay while on course, on the other hand you can't be promoted either should your B13 (is it still called that now or selection?) be issued.Sideways entry CT's certainly get quicker promotion than what direct entries do once they have completed their qualifying course.
  11. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Eh? We don't! That's of course unless you're on about the newly structured branch.
  12. It's all changed again it seems - one day they'll make they're minds up and stick to it!!

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