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I have a couple of mates who are applying to the RM, one to be an officer and the others marines. I've been talking to them about my career options and they are baffled as to why i'm joining the RN to be an MA with a view to do the AACC. They seem to think i'd have no problem joining the RM and doing the MA coures as the RM are so short of MA's. Is this true or just hear say?

Any thoughts? :thanks:

P.S i know this thread is edited from elsewhere. I just thought it'd be better in here with this subject heading :ufo:
Unless it has changed,all Medics attached to the RM are RN Commando.You do the MA's course then specialise and go for your Green beret.If you pass then you get to wear the coveted green Beret and Royal Navy Commando shoulder flashes.You can then go on to do all manner of courses within the RM.I am sure that there are courses within the RM for EMT etc but its not to the same standard as an MA (Cdo).I have NEVER heard of someone joining the RM then Doing the MA's course.But as i said things might have changed since i was an MA.
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