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Hey, so I've just gone into the Navy career centre to get some information in regards to joining the RMC, and they explained the selection stages, one of which rang alarm bells, the Security Clearance process. I'm just wondering do they search your Internet history because I used to visit this form based on OCD/Anxiety where I wrote an anonymous paragraph about my issues I was struggling at the time, issues I'm not committable talking openly about. would they be able to gain access to this?

Just to make you aware I'm not longer struggling with these issues. I'm just curious to what they actually look at in the Security Clearance process in an overall susceptive?



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I recon if they looked at everyones internet history no one would get into the armed forces.

I would imagin it is more like an enhanced CRB check with extra sauce. Criminal record history and credit history . Unless they have reason to believe you have something dodgy in your history I doubt spending time trolling the internet looking for spurious posts on the web would be involved.

Of course, as the experts would say here, if you have a doctors history of treatment of the issue you mentioned you had better disclose it because it will be found .
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As ever the internet is not as anonymous as many would hope.

My guess is there must be a significant history, if there wasn't, the question would not be asked.

If you are intending to fraudulently submit an application and wonder if you'll be found out, odds are you will. Not declaring a medical history relating to mental health is not the wisest option as you will give consent to the service accessing your medical records. If you get past the initial medical by lying, you can be prosecuted if later found to have deliberately misled.

Be honest & upfront. If you aren't then clearly you have scant regard for those who may rely upon you and I sincerely hope it bites you in the arse - I would personally make sure it does.

The question is not uncommon:


Medical Concern | RoyalMarines.co.uk
I do not wish to make a 'fraudulent' application, you just have to understand mental health is not something many people wish to discuss openly. but I understand what you are saying.


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Be open & honest with the medical examiner & all will be well. There is no need to discuss any health issues with AFCO staff. Mental health issues are not necessarily an automatic bar to entry - deliberately making a fraudulent application, by failing to disclose to the service medical health authorities is an automatic bar to entry.
What Ninja said. Bear in mind that the security people are worried about SECURITY. If you were having some issues why wouldn't you visit an online forum? As posted above, an open and honest approach to security is what they are after. These days I wouldn't be surprised if they were to ask people of they post on Rumration. How will you answer that one if you don't mention the point you asked about on here?

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