A question about mimisterial pay

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. No guesses as answers please.
    Mandelson quit as an MP and was rewarded with a lucreative job.
    He was then promoted by Goe#rmless Gordon to the rank of Baron and took his seat in the Lords.
    Now the Lords only get expenses and no payment.
    However Mandy is in the Governmants ranks as a Minister.
    Ministers are normally paid at a higher rate than a back bencher.
    The question is:

    Does Mandy receive a Ministers salary?
  2. Put in a FOIA request and get it from source ;)

    The Information Commissioner specifically mentioned this at a briefing he gave the other evening, all ministerial and senior staff salary details should be freely available. I've just looked at the BERR site and don't see it but according to the ICO there should be no reaons not to provide the information.
  3. Many thanks Karma but that takes time and I am fairly certain that someone on RR (possibly Thingy) will have the answer.
    If he is being paid for the position then Brown should be asked some searching questions. I for one am against a non elected minister serving in an elected parliament. Paying an unelected member (if this is the case) must surely be at the least undemocratic.
  4. It seems that the Daily Mail has answered my question.


    Glenys Kinnock is being elevated to the peerage and being given a ministerial post paying £40,000 per yaer.

    Alan Sugar is also being given a peerage and another ministerial post.
    Will he take the £40,000 pay check.

    Begs the question are there no Labour MPs intelligent enough to do these jobs.

    This is sleeze at it's worst, unellected people in government.

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