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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by kagg, Apr 24, 2011.

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  2. You really need to put this question in the forum marked.

    "Stupid and pointless questions which defy any chance of an objective answer", I thinks there's a sub forum about the length of string.

    So many variables..how fuckin stupid are you?, how ******* ugly are you?, how ******* boring are you?...

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  3. JJ1


    I don't know but would have thought its a lot harder for submariners being that its all male.
  4. I hope it's really hard to be in a relationship, then I have an excuse not to be in one.
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  6. Interesting question, for me anyway.
  7. Reading this thread, I died a little.
  8. You marry someone called a "wife", and after a bit - you sod off to sea. During the
    period at sea, you get the "wife" to throw a right good wobbler and have your
    Divisional Officer organise a shed-load of leave and a compassionate draft
    shore side for the rest of your career.
    On the other hand, you could become a submariner...go to sea on a boat that's
    not broken down and take a sack full of porn with you. Then every penny you
    earn will be yours to do with what ever the f**k you like and y'can wham your
    gristle into members of either sex (whatever your preference) without any
    long-lasting feelings of guilt.
    If you are drafted to surface vessels - steer clear of any female RN Ratings who
    have more tattoos than you. A relationship with such a creature is bound to fail.

    All my Love,

    Auntie Agony.

    X X X X
  9. Very insightful
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  10. I'm going to be polite. I met my girlfriend when I was on my R&R from Afghan. That was five years ago and now we are engaged and living together. So it all could down to the individual.
  11. I know several blokes who are on their third marriage, (obviously all submariners) so it is more than possible to meet "The One", followed by "The Next One" et seq.

    I say "obviously submariners" as I tend not to socialise with skimmers, and don't really know any civvies.
  12. What cúnt said.

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  13. I met my Mrs when I was 22 and serving on a boat. I stayed in the mob until I was 50, she was good as gold and we've been married for 30 years. I married a good 'un, some don't. It's not something you can quantify or give a definitive answer to.

    You could ask "if I stay a civvy and get married, will it last" and get told "**** knows", same answer here.
  14. 23 and getting married next year, also going to serve on boats. Shes definitely a keeper and will stick to me like a tube of no nails.. So not many worries there. Whatever you do mate, make the best of it and if something ain't right, talk about it with her and save some heart ache.
  15. I'm 26 and been married for 5 years. He stopped my career so now I'm gonna make sure his career is looking after his children while I work mwhahahahaha.
  16. Love the reply....a similar quote from my (current)wife after giving birth for the second time...something about ruining her figure etc etc, God you give her the best 20 seconds of her life(twice) and all she does is complain...still she's getting her own back now.....'more chips with those chips dear?'....Like I had a figure to ruin in the first place.

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