A Public Thankyou.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Sniffemout, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. I have as all of you who have been watching been beating on about per-sec and betrayal.
    I have had an apology from Good CO on behalf of the site and my complaint upheld.
    At this point I would thank sincerely the CO and all admin staff who acted swiftly on my request and resolved the issue. Thank you.

    It was pointed out that the only reason anyone knew that the email address was not mine was because I CHOSE TO SAY SO. I was not outed as anything other than I am, and feel vindicated in my pursuance of my complaint. I am nothing other than what I purport to be, and no I have not made a lot of disclosures about myself.

    The moderators on this site collectively are not the bad guys that many try to portray them as. One or two have condemned me by PM I will not state who as a PM is just that private. On the other hand I have had messages of sympathy /support from others, and more than condemned. Thank you.

    It is not an easy job moderating, especially when an annoying bugger like me comes along and goes for the wind up, and I will state publicly at this point I am not ex forces and have never been in HM forces. I do however draw my salary from a prominent government agency. (Could that be the DHSS :D :D Er no only joking. :wink:)
    Most mods do a very good job and roll with the blows when swung at.
    I have never seen an abuse of position personally, and would not have believed it of the mod concerned as he always struck me as being a right sort of guy... if a little staccato.(abrupt to the non musical).

    I wish no ill feeling towards Jenny Dabber, I was trying to wind her and if my publishing a pic from the photo gallery although not against rules, is in bad form I apologize to her, and will not do it again, especially if I caused personal offence.
    To all of you who supported me thank you I believe in having a choice to declare your details or not, I did not use the email address published without consent, and I reiterate no one would have been any the wiser if I had not confessed to it. Since it appeared the person has had an unusual amount of offers for Viagra, being a woman she has no need of it thank you all the same whoever sent it.
    I being a young healthy MALE... yes MALE Jenny, I do not need it and if you kick that geriatric submariner into touch you would find out (rediscover)
    what a bloke with a strong beating heart (not just a pulse) is like :wink:

    I do not wish to create a debate on the subject as the thread has rightly been locked and I would request that this one be dealt with in a like manner.

    I hope to be able to continue to post on this forum as although not Navy, both my parents are, so I do to a degree understand the language, although do not confess to being fluent.

    Thanks for the moral support from those who gave it, sorry for being a throbber to those who thought me that.

    Regards to one and all, J.
  2. 'ello - you been passed a bung?

    Wots with the 10 page document, just crap, you waffle more than Gordon Brown.
  3. What you may (claim) as youth ful energy will never replace experience. You'll have to go elsewhere to pop your cherry :wink:

    And you still talk sh1te so I'll say again child...Vietnam
  4. Yes I read your posts and went on a learning curve.
    I actually thought at one time you were paid to clear the threads.

    Edited to sat if I had a Bung, you would be the first to FEEL it

  5. And I reiterate age does not monopolise knowledge and understanding.
    You cannot loose a war that does not exist, the south fell in 75, the war ended in 73 and if you want to argue otherwise print your facts and figures.
    American forces had been run down to a mere shadow of their war status, and the South Vietnamese were by then in the main responsible for their own security. I made the comparison with Dunkirk to show that it was an evacuation that did turn into a route admittedly but was not a war lost. Nor was it a war won, it was a war ended by a treaty, the treaty of Paris.
    Weather the Americans were interested enough to have seen it coming or not is not the point I am debating.
    If you are attempting Septic baiting, save yourself the trouble I ain't one and never actually said I was.
    I said "I call one Mum" and you can make of that what you will. :wink:

    Google is always good for amateurs. :D
    And just because it takes you all night to do what I can do all night don't feel too bad, age is like wine, it may make the goods mature and be more palatable, but usually the bottle half empties in one big bang :wink:
    Good luck and y'all enjoy your day. :D And you come back now d'y'hear.
  6. And you still talk sh1te. No where in any post did I mention dates or years of th US's withdrawal from Vietnam. That was you spouting off at a tangent and believe it or not I am fully aware of the events and their years of occurance. I was actually serving in the RN when it all happened and remember the news as it was broadcast (experience does count).

    As an aside, stop drinking cheap wine if your bottle empties in one bang :wink:
  7. How does being alive in a submarine make you more privy to the facts than can be found in a history book? Now if you wan't to tell me you were there, well now that would be different. And stop getting into a bazzy and hiding it with smileys. :wink:

    Cheap wine rocks old fella :wink:
  8. Another throbbing thread
  9. Well I am enjoying it tommo

    Web based arguments cannot end like mess deck ones, some times more the shame :)
  10. I suppose every one must have a web based argument at some point I guess :lol: Doesn't make it any less throbbing though Mikh.
  11. This thread was supposed to be an apology(ish) from the original thread/post on a hero thread that has now been turned into a cast off of the original post on the hero thread.
    The green team have there way at last this is cyber recycling.
  12. Yes.
  13. Because I didn't join boats until '77, I was on grey things before that plus we had things called newspapers and televisions when alongside.

    Pedant mode on. I didn't use a smiley, the emoticon was a wink. Pedant mode off.

    Bored with this now. Wrecker out

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