Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Always_a_Civvy, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. I must conceed I went too far
    And alienated all
    With excess posts upon a theme
    That sickened, pissed-off, most.

    In small defence I'd add a note
    My failure to appreciate
    The harm, distain and damage done,
    By my improper actions.

    My punishment I'll bear with grace
    As I have truly earned it
    And sit in Coventry's ruins and dwell:
    Ignored, despised, rejected.

    Still, I will post, but not upon that theme
    That tore the seas asunder, and
    Look from without upon Neptune's vibrant Court
    Assembled, and regret my blunder.


    My sincere apologies folks for pissing you all off with going on about that subject. Your comments did not 'turn me on' but rather I sought to educate when I ought to have realised that my persistance, or as Geoffrey put it, my obsession (I hadn't realised it was an obsession - I needed to be told bluntly by someone else) was causing ructions. I thought you were trying to wind me up with your comments. I now realise I was wrong and seriously misread the signals.

    I'm very, very sorry for being such a irritating, annoying, self-opiniated little prat.
  2. Right come on then mate, nuff said and all that.
    Its a sad day today, John Inman has passed away :(
  3. What did you do Aac ?
  4. nooooooooooooooooooo well hes realy free now,,,,bless him :cry: :sad:
  5. Apology accepted, and you are certainly not the only self opionated one here

    Good luck
  6. No apology needed Sreve. Its diamond lills and nobody is being forced to either read or reply to your posts.
  7. Don't spoil his fun some people need a bit of self flagelation from time to time.
  8. OUCH!!!!!!!!!
  9. What's "flagelation"..........?????? Just asking FFS! :oops:
  10. A self Beasting !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Oh, dear!!!..........no wonder all the women call me a "beastie"!!! :grin: :grin:
  12. He didn't psis me off! It usually makes good reading.
  13. Without our differences in opinion this world and this site would be a very dull place.
    At ease Poof. :lol:
  14. Here here! Lets not get boring.
  15. Could someone please tell me which thread this was about? It sounds worth a read!
  16. I caused great offence by banging on about a certain topic which I'm forbidden to mention by name. So it looks like you'll never find out what I'm apologising about Peter.

    Taking pity on you though... Clue... The word begins with the letter "G".

    O Gawd... I've already gone too far!
  17. Sorry Peter, didn't mean to ruin Steve's fun. :smile:
  18. Steve you are a silly boy
    And penance now is due.
    No one cares if you are gay
    It’s what’s inside of you.

    Now that won`t be a stoker
    Or even creepy Ken
    So try to post like one of us
    Instead of one of them.

    Don`t be so pink and fluffy
    And think of what you say
    Remembering...there’s no such thing,
    as a stoker who is gay.

    also.. when it comes to poems,
    you shouldn’t waste your time.
    But if you really feel the need,
    please try and make it rhyme.

  19. Peter

    Ok I confess its Slim you are talking about.


    See you still have your, I must confess Syndrome, As last year nobody takes any notice cos they likes yer OK OPPO.

  20. Of course I'm self opinionated. I'm Wafu trained

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