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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. Well, there are sections such as

    Back Alley - well, we all know what that means..
    Hanging Baskets in the Back Alley - anyone want to take a guess at this one?
    Alley-gated back street - sounds worse than the last..

    That is disgusting! Bulb planting..?! Those bloody ass-bangers!

    They'd better not come anywhere near MY local environment!

  2. Well, I was a bit concerned by your invitation for me to "Go down".
  3. Does that mean we shouldn't be proud of who we are after years of being hounded and persecuted by unjust laws. The fact that we survived and can hold our heads up high should give us some cause to feel "proud".
    I am proud to be ex-RN, I am proud to have served my country and yes I am proud to be an out gay man, I don't think the gay bit hijacks the use of the word proud.
    It's interesting to note that that I sometimes wear a small pink trianlgle tie pin, this symbol was used by the Nazis in the concentration camps to identify homosexual men, and therefore single them out for special punishments along with the Jews. Now it is a symbol of gay pride. I am proud to wear the symbol to honour those who died in those camps, so yes if that means the word has been hijacked then so be it. I'm sorry if that offends you.
  4. No it doesn't offend me type 42, it amuses me the way that words evolve to take on different meanings.
    As for Pride, my wife and I frequently drive down the M4 to our place in Wales. Over the last couple of years large information gantries have been installed to display traffic information. If there are no roadworks or accidents these usually display safety messages. Anyway we were driving past Swansea and the messages just said P+RIDE. After seeing several my wife remarked that there must be a Gay Pride rally or something in Swansea, took me a few minutes to work out what the signs really meant was PARK AND RIDE.
    This is the sort of thing I meant about hijacking of words.
  5. So that's why they are called concentration 'camps'. Learn something new every day.
  6. A good point but apart from the hi-jacking it is difficult now to know what words can be used as so many have multiple meanings . Harmless words or terms have become a mine-field . I recently used the word Nigger on the web in relation to a dog and the site censor immediately blocked it out with the word ' censored '. Despite a knee-jerk response of irritation I quickly realised how the site owner has to CHA . The wrong word nowadays and you're in court for racism . Maybe why we are resorting to acronyms so much, still, WGAF.
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The thing with the English Language is it's forever evolving (might even catch up on my interpritations of how to spell it one day)

    I don't associate the word "pride" with "gay" but then again I don't associate the word "gay" with joy, glee or happy and carefree.

    I think the serviceman has been at the forefront of introducing new words to our language, words like pyjamas, dhobi etc.

    My wife used to be optomistic of me doing some D.I.Y when I'd come on leave and say "I'm going to build a big shed today" she now knows better.. :dwarf: :thumright:
  8. That's quite funny. It shows how ones mind can work on a subconcious level and associate words with a set phrase or idea, without it having that actual connotation.
    My mother used to say to me when I read something completely different from what was written "Son, your Freudian slip is showing"
  9. A classic example of different interpretations of a word is between the USA and Oz and the word Root. Usually results in a chuckle when our friends state they are ' rooting ' for someone or thing . All in the mind .
  10. BZ Type 42. Couldn't have put it better myself.

    Pride to me means a Pride of Lions.
    Skunk means a furry animal.
    Grass means the stuff that flourishes in my back garden.
    Hobbit means a very small person who likes living in cosy burrows.
    Slim means people like Slim and myself: handsome blokes who both pretend to be beer-bellied but are really skin ;)
  11. Try "peckish" in the States. According to an American friend it's highly amusing to hear us Brits say "I'm peckish" as to them it means "I'm horny". Go figure!
  12. :thumright: Thank you kind sir!
    I remember when I used to be skin too.......bloody long time ago now :lol:
  13. Mike Harding tells the story about him causing consternation amongst some American friends by offering to lay the table.
  14. That's understandable. After all many of us were taught how to address a table during first year Latin at school! If you can converse with a table you must be able to 'lay' that same table! :biggrin:
  15. You can't smoke a fag in the pub anymore.....
  16. ...is this septic speak or other origins ??
  17. I'm fascinated by the idea of a "pink triangle". Is this the modern, manpower depleted version of what used to be known as a daisy chain?

  18. It may be a relative of the chocolate starfish
  19. hijacked words, like nosh use to mean food, i got really confused when i joined my first ship and got told not to talk to the 3 badge ab as he was a "nosh bosun", i thought " how am i going to ask fr scran if i can't talk to the nosh bosun", ah the innocence of youth. my favorite american twisted word is BOLLOCK, it means zit over there, oh the hours of fun i had in newyork.

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