A polite request for info ref Lt Cdr Glen Robinson Moltke HMS Coventry.

I am posting this on behalf of the brother of Lt Cdr Glen Robinson Moltke. Glen died on HMS Coventry and his brother Garth does not have contact with Glen`s remaining family. Garth would like to know if Glen recieved any medals or decorations during his service with the Royal Navy in order to have replicas made.
Any assistance in pointing me in the right direction to find out if Glen recieved any medals/decorations would be greatly appreciated.


Garth may wish to submit a request for Glen's Service Record - medals will be shown on there.

These are the forms which he will need to submit:


OR this one - I suspect that in the circumstances, the NOK one won't apply:


Then, regardless of which one has been selected from the above two, this one needs to be completed:


Upon completion, they will need to be forwarded on to Portsmouth.
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