A Plea to POCs...


yet another day at Collingwood with a POC visit, and yet another day where you all stuck together in the coffee room, talking amongst yourselves and ignoring the Officers around you*. It doesn't fill us with confidence if you can't pluck up the knowledge to speak to serving members in a non-official environment and ask us the questions you want to know. I know you have briefs and such like, but I can bet your bottom dollar there won't be enough people to speak to.

Remember, you may be spending upto 9 months of your life with me (or people like me), don't you want to find out what it's like? We don't bite, and we were exactly where you are today, so we won't take the p*ss (too much!), and can offer an opinion you may not get elsewhere in the recruiting process**. At the end of the day, you've got nothing to loose.


a mildly grumpy,


*I know there weren't many in, but still....
** To stop N_S killing me - check all the information we give you with your ACLO, and the AIB etc etc


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"Perhaps I should've paid attention when the pretty young (female) POC ran away from me..... "

You don't have a track record in chatting up female architects based in the west country do you? :-D


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That tends to happen if you use Rophenol.:-D
They're saving all their questions for when they get home and on the 'puter for Ninja, SuperMario and other fonts of all things Naval, like CadetsMum.:slow:
You really will have to stop these displays of affection NZ......people will start to talk.


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...and now we can understand why those employed full time in recruiting are so good looking, approachable, modest, suave purveyors of careers advice.

Well, I am anyway. :toothy3:

But (reluctanly), I must back Al up by stating these acquaint visits are an expensive gift on a plate for those aspiring to become Officers & a golden opportunity to find out heaps about our intended career by the subject experts. Candidates really should step out of their comfort zone and ask those direct questions - rest assured you will get a full & frank reply, there's no hidden agenda & there's nothing more irksome than hearing someone complain "Well, they never told me about this part of the job" particularly if you didn't ask in the first place "What's the worst aspect of your job?".


When I was Pompey-based I did loads of medical acquaints. Always a great excuse to have some free drinkies whilst regaling young female medical students with tales of derring do before whisking them all off to Emma's. There were occasionally quiet groups but most were pretty outgoing.

I think the lure (or threat) of Emma's is key. Could this be incorporated into Collingrad?


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The whole point is to try to entice them IN to the RN not away from it, taking them to Emma's will only serve to put them right off the prospect. We need to keep that sting in the tail of a stay in Collingwood under wraps!
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