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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by noemis, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. The moderators don't like political slagging in current affairs, so do it here!!

    That Kelly woman, what's that all about, education secretary (former) sending her kid to a private school?

    Tony Bliar, enough said....

    Gordon Brown, oh dear....

    The others are just not worth the effort!!!

    No political correctness in this thread please, get it off your chest!!!
  2. Lynch them all :twisted:

    Ahem, well i thought out local Mp's we're bad we've got some right git's here, but it doesn't compare to Noo Labour.

    I'm just wondering if when they passed out common sense they we're all in the line for total idiotic hyprocrites. :roll:
  3. I wouldnt trust any of them to sit the right way on the Lavatory!!!
    They are only interested in looking after themdelves at our expense!
  4. Get out of Europe at the earliest possible moment. We don't need them.
  5. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Not so. Read the Moderation Policy at the top of Current Affairs. Kelly's child going to a private school is good debating fodder for Current Affairs just keep it serious, civil, out of the gutter, relevant and informed.

    If you want to call her a cow with double standards who never dhobys her duckers, do it here. :wink:
  6. That's why I'm here!! Now go to bed and leave us to our depravity!!

    Seriously, where is the bloody spellchecker!!!!!!
  7. Christ noemis, don't start me!

    That Blair is a total fucking cunt. I despise him, I've never trusted him, he's all smarmy lying bad acting oh look I'm so serious and upset about Princess Diana dying, he's a fucking wanker hellbent on destroying this country and replacing it with some fucked up vision of utopia that will just be a shithole where nothing matters anymore apart from 'my rights' to claim as much as possible and do fuck all in the process.

    His missus is a fucking disgrace too, human rights lawyer my arse, all she cares about his abusing the system to feather her nest no matter what the cost is to the country.

    I hope you get a chance to read this Blair you fucking despicable piece of shit cunt.
  8. Feel better now Shakey?
  9. No, I don't. I've only just scratched the surface. :evil:
  10. Fill yer boots! Give it stacks!!!
  11. Say what you mean Shakey :!:
  12. Right, and you know that Bill Rammell? Some minor politico for the foreign office. He once made me redundant in a cost cutting exercise in 1995.

    Cost cutting. How very Neu Arbeit.

    And the cheeky cunt once had a dig at me 'cos I was wearing a t-shirt with a big picture of Guy Fawkes on it with the logo 'The Only Man To Enter Parliament With Honest Intentions.'

    He's a big lad mind. He'd probably have that John Prescott in a fight.

    Anyway, Blair - CUNT.
  13. Dont hold back Shakey FFS :lol:

    I happen to agree with you mate. Line the fckrs up and execute every one of them Saddam style.

    Anyone got there mobile phone camera handy :twisted:

  14. But it's true!
  15. And that blind fucker, Blunkett. Remember when he misused a travel warrant for his mistress?

    But that was OK 'cos he offered to pay it back.

    Can you imagine what would happen if YOU misuded a travel warrant?

    I think the phrases 'Get your fucking cap', 'Court Martial', 'DQs', 'Dismissed from the Service' and 'Suffer the consequential penalties involved' spring to mind.

    Just 'cos your disabled doesn't mean you're not a lying gobshite cunt.
  16. Really not a fan of Plunkett myself, even his dog is a bitch!!
  17. Hey Shakey, you sure got a way with words mate. Keep it up.
    Did you know the first lady was related to Basil Brush? he's a bit of a dog as well :D :lol:
  18. please don't include Blunkett's dog !!!
    where can I get that tshirt???
  19. I bought it off some anarchists at a free festival ages ago.

    If they were proper anarchists they would have given it me for free or for a reciprocal exchange of work and/or goods. :wink:
  20. I reckon a lot of genuine folks get into politics for good altruistic reasons. Then, the first time the party whip gets hold of them they find out how corrupt it all is.

    What do they do then? Having just been granted a very nice wage thankyou, are they going to give all that up for altruistic reasons? Probably not. Our governmental system stinks... but then so does the rest of the world's.

    Anarchy would be just as bad.

    We're stuffed really.

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