A Place In the Navy For Everyone?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rum&Rations, May 2, 2016.

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  1. Okay here is a good question for you, and one that certainly interests me.

    Is there a place in the Royal Navy for everyone?

    For example, I don't literally mean you'll like it or you'll love it. I simply mean - if someone says you won't suit the navy, is that necessarily incorrect? Of course there are many, many roles in the Navy so what are your opinions and views on this?
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  2. Oh for the love of Christ....
  3. Face Palm.jpg In Your own time fire....;)
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    If there was, we wouldn't bother with a joining process to select those best suited.

    In all seriousness, it genuinely isn't for everyone - that's why no-one is obliged to apply, those who do, can withdraw their application at any stage during selection and new joiners are free to leave from week four to week twenty-six.
  6. Wish we had internet in 1963 when I joined. it was 1985 when I left after discovering that the RN was not for me after all :D
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  7. I like Toffee Crisps.
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    Thread drift.

    Kinda ;)
  9. No, it's not incorrect. While the Royal Navy offer many roles that are similar to what civy world offers, not everyone is; 1) interested in the Navy, or 2) can pass the tests for the Navy to get in.

    Another point is personal circumstances... my friend came back home from the Army training because he did not believe he could cope with being away from family for 6 months or even over when sent out on operations. Understandable really, the military in general is a massive personal commitment and it's not always easy to leave loved ones.

    There are probably more reasons why some may think, or get told that the Navy (or military in general) is not for them...

    Hope this helps.

  10. janner

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    M96 why don't you and Rum&Rations set up you own Forum, you could message each other advice based on a complete lack of experience in what you are talking about.
    Many jobs outside of the Forces face stress and danger on a daily basis, one thinks of Firefighters and Police Officers.
    Your last paragraph is not worth commenting on, although I suspect Ninja may rise to the occasion.
    I appreciate that you are trying to help people, but it helps more if you restrict your advice to things that you are qualified to comment on. This has been pointed out to Rum&Rations already.
    Good luck with you application.
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  11. Didn't there use to be a recruiting slogan, with an almost inevitable add-on?

    "There's a place for YOU in today's Royal Navy................mine!"
  12. Yes, some civy jobs are dangerous, but I was giving reasons, very valid reasons, as to why some would still prefer not to join. All coming from the horses mouth. (those being people I have spoken to on why they do not want to join the services).
  13. Second time you've quoted this horses mouth, who is this horse and what experience do they have?

    It's always dodgy ground when you rely on anecdotal evidence and then pass it on as a "gen dit" and to answer your question on "how can you not be qualified" to answer a question. Reading books or listening to someone elses dits does not enable you to pass on advice, offer an opinion maybe, but not give a definitive answer. How can you possibly state there is a role for everyone if you've not even experienced it yourself?

    I've flown in aircraft but it doesn't make me a pilot or give me the knowledge to comment on aircrew training or their career paths.
  14. That is my opinion... that there is a role in the military for everyone... although my opinion is also that the military is not for everyone. - however, that is also not just opinion as you hear people say it all the time.

    Also sorry but your last part of your response doesn't deserve a proper response...
  15. teeth arms.jpg Here He is. Experience in the Army by the look of Him...:rolleyes:
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  16. Your first paragraph tends to contradict itself, and your response to my response that doesn't deserve a response, you've responded to!
  17. Look there are roles out there in the military to attract a wide range of people - hence why there is, more or less, a role for everyone. As some Reservists at my campus jokingly put it ''anything but a porn star'' - Although you can't ignore the fact that some just 100% are not interested in the military side of things. Hence why it's not for everyone.
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  18. Unfortunately since the role for STC was removed those with a low IQ are not being admitted.
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  19. If ever a thread deserves palliative care...
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  20. Oh well it's been interesting. Shame just because I am not in something means I know nothing, despite the research I put in. I would never comment on something where I had no confidence in my knowledge in the subject. But this is one I can answer in confidence and stick to my guns on.

    I thought it was just ARRSE where the brain cells were few. ;) see you all around.
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