A picture that should break a million hearts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. My heartfelt sympathies go to their families left behind, and my thanks goes to them for making the ultimate sacrifice. Rest peacefully.
  2. An intensely moving picture, but at let's take comfort that the public at least appear to be showing some respect, rather than the stories we had last year of no one turning up for homecoming parades.

    Rest in Peace Lads.

  3. Respect Lads. RIP.


  4. Welcome home lads, but sadly in not the way it should have been. May you all rest in peace, and thank you.

    Regards, Chris

    And that Gordon (Lip Sucking) Brown wants to send more to their deaths. (I am not going to say what I feel and wish I could do)

  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    But why shouldn't you? Those troops died defending your right to 'free speech', so make the most of it - while you still can..! :oops:
  6. It is good to see that people are on the streets.

    I tried to put an internet link here that I got at work of the Canadians "coming home" but am completely inept at that type of thing. On the way back from the airport the streets were lined and at every motorway flyover the fire brigade and police were out in full uniform paying their respects. Very moving.

    Even though I do not live in the UK anymore my family do. RIP guys and thank you.

  7. I watched it on Sky yesterday then they turned to the wives asking their feelings. Which of course we all know about.

    We hear of casualties then wait to see who it is. Then a heartfelt sigh it is not your loved one and in the same breathe we feel for those who have lost a loved one.

  8. It is a very sad sight but it is comforting to see that members of the public have turned out to pay their respects.
  9. I couldn't have put it better myself.

    RIP men.

  10. If I did Sgt Pepper, I would be done for treason, or at least a threat to life. I get so agitated over this. I have an ex Marine Cadet who was one of my Cadets when I was CO of an SCC Unit. I trained him and set him on his way. He joined 2 Para. I saw him at a local market a couple of months ago, when he said he was on his way out again. So when I hear 2 Para mentioned, I freeze up, more so than when other units are mentioned.

    How can our Prime Minister allow this.

    Regard, Chris

  11. Beacuse he cares only for one thing,himself!!!!!!!
  12. Fiirstly I would like to add my condolences and express my heartfelt sympathy for those families who have lost their loved ones over the last few days. I too share the angst of many when we see British Service personnel lose their lives. However, we should not overlook the fact that the British Armed Forces are the ultimate political sanction of a democratically elected Government, and that our very Raison D'etre is to go in harms way to implement that Government's policy. With that comes the very real risk of loss of life or severe injury, it is the nature of the business. If the British Public don't like the Governments policy then every 4-5 years they get their chance to make their feelings known. What is far more galling to me is statements from Des Browne along the lines that Commanders on the ground state Snatch Land Rovers are fit for purpose and required for the forseeable future. They are fit for purpose in as much that they get you to your intended location quicker than if you walk (Tab/Yomp = pick your own) and will protect you perfectly against a pgymy armed with Guava fruit (and I really don't mean to be flippant). However to say that they offer any protection against the known threat is I believe criminally negligent.
  13. Sad to see people come home like that.Glad to see the crowds out to pay their respects.
    If you want a sad and moving picture watch the Albert Hall Festival of Remembrance.....the bit where the War Widows walk across the floor.

    Rest in Peace..
  14. It's all been said by earlier posters, so I simply add my respect and RIP
  15. R.I.P sympathies to the ones you left behind.
  16. Four more bright stars in heaven.
    Remember them when you gaze at the night sky.
  17. RIP

    Lest we forget
  18. My thoughts are with you and your familys
  19. The "Highway of Heroes", Saw it last summer when i was over there, very moving! could barely keep my eyes dry when i saw it!

    Think this is a good video to show what i mean!

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