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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Rumrat, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. HMS Victorious Pompey Dockyard !968. Two days before the fire, in which one died and two were seriouse.
    I fought the fire and it buggered my love life up for three days. :twisted: :twisted:

  2. Hi Rummers,

    I was refitting BLAKE at the time of the fire and I believe that one of the deceased was a PO Cook(O) Sherry Sherwood (an old ships - UNDAUNTED).

    The word at the time was that they could talk to him over the sound powered telephone but he was overcome by smoke before they could get down to rescue him.... RIP
  3. Victorious

    NICOL, James C, Chief Petty Officer Cook, MX 834098,??
  4. I was on the patrol that brought the little b*stard that started it back to Pompey.
    I will never forget his name, and why he said he did it.

    The ship was due to pull a twelve month deployment to the FES and he said his girlfriend would ditch him if he went.
    The ship had not even re commissioned at the time or done her Home sea service. She had only just finished a dicky re fit.

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