A patent foramen ovale, will this be an issue?


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@Maxpowers look at it this way, whatever the outcome, you found out things about yourself you would have been oblivious to if not for your WAFU medical. Good luck.


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A quick update . Just had a bubble contrast and now that will be sent back to the ticker quack, he will put his 2 cents in and send it all to capita, but he will go through it with me before hand ....so one is still here waiting.


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Consultants letter through confirmed PFO no ASD other wise normal examination, sent to capita yesterday , second medical came through today booked for monday.


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Yeah I’ve been told its a common one so hopefully its not going to be an issue, can’t find anyone being turned away because of it anyway.
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In the same position as you mate, currently trying to re-join the Royal Marines I use their forum but came across your predicament, and I kept in touch with this thread to see how things are turning out for yourself. I’m awaiting my documents/notes as my specialist is jotting up my report to give to capita/senior medical cell officer so they can finally approve me as I have no issues been going through this debacle for about 2 and a half years unfortunately the NHS in my local area is struggling so appointments and treatments are slow to get around. Give me a shout so I can find out what the score is if you get the all clear apparently mines the size of a pin hole and gives me no troubles whatsoever.

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