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A new version of the Chicken dance

AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHFUGGINELL! Slim you have left me scarred mentally for life mate, I am going to spend the resty of my days waking up in the night screaming:-D
Slim I honestly thought that you could`nt get any lower, even if i take to drink, I wont be able to shed that first vid


War Hero
thanx slim
brings to mind the song
I feel good knew that i would now
well after seeing that i feel fabulase :razz: :lol: :twisted:
I'm very shocked that RR stalwarts aren't more pro libertarian values - fatties have the right to have fun too - come on guys and gals - you should be ashamed of yourselves :roll:


War Hero
I have been drawn back! and slim I like the second one :lol:

Canaldrifter where did you get that movie of my first wife!!!!!
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