A new perspective of punishment

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but it would work out cheaper for the taxpayer to just top them. why pay 60yrs food and accom for some murdering c**t. we are told all the time that prisons are overcrowded.

I know what you are saying, but as is proven in Italy, these guys see death as an 'Easy Out', but that's not punishment.

Don't bring back the Death Penalty (makes us as bad as the murderers) bring back the Penal Colonies, lovely little abandoned island somewhere (like Australia).

I live in Italy and the locals are just as threaders with the kiddie fiddlers and what not as British people. The prisons over here don't seem to have the same "gucci kit" as ours, so I'm told anyway, No sky, No playstations, No sitting about. They are quite happy for the lifers to do life as they get beasted for their whole sentence. The problem with death penalty is it turns someone else into a killer, someone has to flick the switch, inject the poison or do whatever. All the "I'LL DO IT!" brigade have probably never had to look through the SUSAT and watch someone not get up again. If they had they wouldn't be so keen on taking part in the whole grissly affair. Just my thoughts anyway.

As regards the flicking the switch ----if the person on the end of the cable connections is a convicted/confessed criminal /Killer then it would be the same as you quote 'looking through a SUSAT' gunsight.
Biggest difference being that the SUSAT target was possibly trying to do you some grevious damage if you hadn't dropped them.
In both cases it could be construed as self defence!!

As for our places of correction -----------they should have more centres like the Sheriff in one of the Texan?? Counties. Prisoners live in tents and no TV etc etc. Food is basic --- he quotes that no-one has ever been back for 'seconds 'since the place was erected!!

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As for our places of correction -----------they should have more centres like the Sheriff in one of the Texan?? Counties. Prisoners live in tents and no TV etc etc. Food is basic --- he quotes that no-one has ever been back for 'seconds 'since the place was erected!!

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Now is that because they don't do the crime again or because they take extra care about not being caught, or the sherrif may be good a punishment but is piss poor at catching them again.


I’m not convinced on the self defence point of view on the behalf of the executioner / rules of engagement thing. I’ve seen enough death and despair in the world that I would not wish it on anyone. Though I do like the point on correctional facilities. In some parts of the world, there is a thin line between proper punishment and improper punishment. Parts of Djibouti the prisoners don’t get fed and if their family don’t bring scran in for them then they have to “please the guards†for food, not convinced this is right. However in parts of America, as you have said, they get the basic diet which has been balanced by a nutritionist so they get the right amount of energy to complete the tasks that they have been set, repairing roads, cleaning sewers whatever menial task the state sees fit. The bleeding heart pinkos in this country would never let something like that happen over here. It was suggested that people on community service washing chewing gum of the streets or painting fences should wear bright orange jump suits so they would be recognised as being people under punishment, this was poo poo’ed by do gooders who give too much protection to the guilty. It may seem a conflict of my morals to quite happily watch people fill in potholes in the rain wearing orange jump suits, while balk at the idea of the death penalty but the human mind is a fickle thing!! Again just my thoughts.
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Gott ist tot! (Nietzsche, Also sprach Zarathustra)

Gott ist tot nicht; Gott ist ein Gerucht! (PoL, RumRation)

Back to Thread: the basic point is do we slam people up to punish them or reform them? If it's to reform them, there has to be some form of reward. If it's to punish them, though, it seems reasonable not to go out of one's way to make it pleasant. I suspect that it's a mixture of the 2 in negotiable proportions. Arguably, assisted death would be a reward if requested and deserved.


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To expand on the subject of crime this link has some interesting material in relation to crime for those interested

"Most current efforts to fight crime focus on sociological approaches: counseling and rehabilitation for offenders, tougher laws intended to discourage criminal acts, and better parenting and better education to prevent at-risk children from becoming delinquents and criminals.

These well-intentioned approaches have one thing in common: they frequently fail. Why? Because they fail to acknowledge that many criminals suffer from brain malfunctions which prevent them from benefiting from sociological or psychological interventions. Research shows that chronic offenders exhibit brain dysfunction leading to extreme "dyslogic." Many exhibit a lack of insight and foresight, a lack of empathy for animals and people, a low anger threshold, poor abstract thinking and social skills, a lack of fear and remorse, impulsivity, and an inability to realize the consequences of their actions or to learn from experience.

The more we learn about the brain dysfunction that underlies much delinquency and criminality, the more successful we will be in truly rehabilitating offenders, and preventing "at risk" children from turning to lives of crime. The purpose of Crime Times is to foster this effort by reporting state-of-the-art worldwide research on the causes and treatment of aberrant behavior. Topics addressed by Crime Times include:

ADHD, aggression, conduct disorder, antisocial behavior, delinquency, impulsivity, violence, and psychopathy.
The effects of imbalances of neurotransmitters and hormones, such as serotonin, thyroid, and testosterone.
Head injuries and structural abnormalities of the brain.
Genetics, premature birth, low birthweight, and perinatal trauma.
Food and chemical sensitivities.
Environmental contaminants such as lead, manganese, mercury, and pesticides.
Maternal smoking, alcohol and drug abuse.
Medical and nutritional interventions.
New books and information from leading experts.
There is much to report, for we are all living in "crime times" but we are also living in a time of hope, when medical and scientific discoveries offer us powerful new tools to effectively prevent or treat the true causes of aberrant, delinquent, and criminal behavior."