A New Home Secretary?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by chieftiff, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. Charles Clarke

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  1. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Since the current encumbent of this position seems to be having difficulties enforcing policy on his work force, how about a new guy for the job. Meet Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This is just one article on his policies, I think he is great, what do you think. It's just as well the USA haven't signed up to the Human Rights Act............... :lol:

  2. Never mind a new Home Sec - what about a new government ?

    This lot have to be the worst ever.... !!
  3. I suspect the Government will hang on for a good bit yet, but Tone may get his chance to do the "Et tu Brutus" line before too long.

  4. Sherrif Joe,love him thats what we need,Ive supported labour most of my life it was great to see the sleeze of majors got rid of,but oh my god,now its a thousand times worse,the problem is mps will never listen to the people,now three of them at it,home health,and two shags, we dont have the BNP in scotland yet,and these twats up here are no better than in england.The BNP would get my vote every time,i dont listen to these people that say they are rascist,they make a lot of sense to me,and dont any one dare tell me, that what we have is not rascist,Im white British and a Christian,but i cant say so incase i upset some bleeding ethnic,where are my rights?My predecessors fought wars for this country, they must be spinning in their graves,im a happy bunny really,cant you tell?
  5. I can see you don't remember what a shambles Major's government was: a perfect example of where lax, inconsistent discipline is deadly. If you make a threat, carry it out, but whatever you do, don't appease the rebels.

    As for Charles Clarke, I expect he will resign on Friday. His position is untenable.

  6. What a line up I think they should all resign .
    Its becoming a reality --you can fool some of the people some of the time.
  7. Hi Nozzy,

    Actually I can remember, even though I was working overseas at the time.
    The point is what this current mob were / and are accusing the previous lot of, 'sleaze / dishonesty etc .
    But what is happening now ? - sleaze / lies / more lies / unearned pay & pension awards / flogging honours/ misuse of public property (bonking ones mistress / lover boy / rent boy / provision of public travel warrants etc come to mind perhaps ?) and disgraced Ministers being returned to office to transgress yet again - the list is probably more than has so far been revealed.

    The Tories may not have been actually squeeky clean or even effective in some cases, but can anyone recall what this mob do or do not do effectively (apart from spending untold billions of taxpayers money) which is the relevant question?

    Perhaps you may recall that when the Tories came into power, the Forces actually received payrises - but what of the times, thankfully few, that the the other lot came in - not many payrises that I can recall?

    Nuff said as this is not a political forum really.
    Perhaps there ought be one - Moderator ??
  8. I think that if dear Tone could afford to let the Home Sec or his Deputy PM go he would boot them out now, but the problem is there is no one left that he trusts enough to let into the cabinet.

  9. I see it as basicly 2 choices.

    If you like the armed forces and want to see them prosper and looked after then vote Tory.

    If you want to see the Armed Forces cut and rot away then vote labour.

    Oh and anyone that thinks that the BNP arent racsist obviously don't have enough brains to vote.

    Labour are warmongers, just how many wars/conflicts has Tony sent us into?? 7 I think.

    At least Maggie was defending our soil, not fighting for oil like this little lying turd.
  10. Lets face it folks. They're all as bad as each other where political parties are concerned.

    When in opposition they promise the earth, when in power they deliver bugger all but just charge us more for it. Labour, Tory, LDP I guess it makes no diference as they are all in it to line their own pockets !
  11. An affair with Prescott, I don't thing so. The quote about Soames comes to mind.
  12. At least with the Tories they're open about it and you expect them to be out to line their pockets. Its the hypocracy of this lot preaching to us whilst grabbing everything they can that gets me.
  13. Perhaps you may recall that when the Tories came into power, the Forces actually received payrises - but what of the times, thankfully few, that the the other lot came in - not many payrises that I can recall?

    That maybe true SINCE the Major government but certainly one of the previous Labour governments dished out a large increase.
  14. It is amazing how Prescott takes away column inches from the real stories. When Tone was getting a right dressing down outside a hospital Prescott lamps some guy. Now they have lost some murderers and rapists and Prescott admits to shagging his secretary. Credit the man for atleast taking one for the team.
  15. I have always supported the tories .

    New Labour is still using the Tories ideas and thats how good they were.
    Blair is still trying to copy Maggie --the great Falklands campaign .

    Vote Labour and you will all end up in council estates with ID cards and tracking devices --------just so the nanny state knows where you are and they can keep tabs on you to make sure you are conforming and of course paying your taxes..
    Socialism is next best to communism.

    As for the lib Dems -----------the fence sitting party --always in the middle of the road -dodging and weaving say all -do fcuk all!
  16. Hi Whitemouse,

    The problem is that all oppositions promise one thing in opposition and diverge when they hold office. Both Labour & the Tories promised to curtail the power of central government and return power to the people via decentralisation. When in power both have done the opposite. As for sleaze and broken promises, there is nothing new in political hypocrisy. Under the Tories rather a lot of Honours went to businessmen who just happened to aid the Tory Party, though it is perfectly possible, as with Labour, that this is purely coincidental.

    Yes service pay did increase much more under the Tories, but it was not all rosy for the Forces. A particularly bad taste is left by the Falklands Campaign which could have been avoided had Mrs.T acted in the same decisive way as her predecessor in No.10. Then there was the Victory Parade when servicemen who were badly wounded/maimed were seated well out of public view and away from the cameras: that parade was more about political presentation rather than honouring those who fought in the Campaign! I feel angry remembering that! The forces were political canon fodder.

    As you said, though, perhaps we need a seperate area for political discussion.

  17. All I can say about new lav is that between them they have not got one new idea, they copy Maggie in a way that makes you sick (ignore what they like), get the armed services to do dirty work for them and then kick them in the nuts and are Still blaming the last Tory government for that is wrong.
    Anyone remember 77? Looks like it is all happening again, someone strong will have to clear up the mess again and get us back on the straight and narrow
  18. Skunkmeister,im amazed about how little you know and how little you understand,such an arrogant attitude if no one agrees with you,the falklands was all about Our Soil,was it really?You should read your history books, i agree with nozzer,was it not her that withdrew the Endurance,i lost a lot of friends down there ,i for one will never forgive her,and you can read into that what you like.
  19. Hig the Falklands war was about the UK owning or having the rights to the Falkland Islands since way back .

    The problems started when the Argentinian 'President' objected to us ejecting a Argie team of scrapmen working in South Georgia .dismantling the old Whaling station without a 'please can we do it' pass note.

    Bootnecks were still stationed there and Endurance was still on station but she scarpered to safety after the invasion . Only thing other than that that used to be in that area was the old South Africa /South America Frigate that had been scrubbed years previously.

    Yes lots of guys got killed and maimed. However it was a legit UK war to recover her possessions

    At the moment-------------there is a lot more dead and the high chances of more dying in Iraq and the problem was not ours --- same as Afghanistan
    WTF are we doing over there!
  20. Well greenie it was not a war ,it was a campaign, nothing was more sickening to me than seeing Margaret Thatcher on tv when it was over,saying,rejoice,rejoice,and you will find that the endurance was withdrawn, i suppose at the end of the day,its how you interpret what you hear.

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