A new diet.

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Rumrat, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. Thought with summer fast approaching this might come in handy


    Vitamin C
    Citric acid
    Phosphate and bicarbonates, to regulate acidity

    The average ejaculation is laden with between 200 and 300 million sperm, which amounts to about about 5 calories.

    For comparison, a greasy cheeseburger contains over 500 calories, so to equal one junk-food attack you'd need to gulp down over 100 ejaculations, plus this way gets you more meat.
  2. Got something you want to tell us RR, is it dark in that closet :)
  3. .......Deleted 'cos I fcuked up :oops:
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You got excited there didn't you Wrecker?
  5. Didn't realise I'd posted twice, must be because I thought there was a black gay man running around after reading his other comments on another thread. Someone else to practice my Israeli restraint tactics on :twisted:
  6. Are you stuttering because you're nervouse Wreck's.
    I'll never tell what I know about you. :wink:
    So come out your special room, and play with the boy's, no forget that, thats what they put you in there for in the first place innit.. :D
  7. The magistrate said I could carry on for another 5 years.. he even put me on a register so I can keep track of the time.
  8. It's been quite a week for old Wrecks, first he has a good old natter about sub training, then all this talk of reach rounds and semen (seamen) its more than the old fella can take. :wink: :D
  9. I'm off to Ireland, I hear the priest's have some good addresses and names. 8O :D :wink:
  10. I did a big wet fart yesterday as well, ruined me dung hampers
  11. I seriously need to take you in tow and show you how I manage to be suave and sophisticated, so much so that I could now get in the Fleece without a reference.
    Mind you I've always been charismatic, my DO in Terror Barracks once wrote on my SC that "No words can fully describe this rating and the things he is capable of".
    I got a flight home as well free to a hotel in Portsmouth.

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