A new book about the Falklands conflict.


War Hero
A good book about the Falklands war, reviewed here by me: https://www.navy-net.co.uk/community/reviews/penal-company-on-the-falklands.307/
No conspiracy theories, no double deckers on the moon, no the queen is a space alien, no @Falklands Vet . Just an honest account of a company commander of 2 para and the battle of Goose Green .

Had y'all worried though didn't I?
Feck all good to the thread originator.
The author of your recommendation probably received payment for his efforts.


War Hero
Completely orf topic but I have to put this somewhere.
I was in Reading on Friday and two dossers were sitting in a doorway begging.
However what they had written made me laugh.
On an elaborately coloured bit of cardboard were the following words
Donate a £1
We need to buy some WEED!

At last a pair of honest scroungers.
I almost weakened and donated :)