A new book about a Naval Wife's memoirs 'tween wars in the Far East now on Kindle.

Hello. I have recently put a book on Amazon Kindle which I think many may enjoy reading. It is the experiences of the author, a young Naval wife and her two young children. It is called Unofficial Passengers by Louie Rump and is her memoirs as she wrote them a long time ago. It has many photographs as well.
If you like this book a review would be welcomed please.
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If it can be downloaded as a pdf I would be very happy to have a go. Interesting to compare it to Joy Packer's 'Pack and Follow'.
Hello Seaweed, I will see if I can get it onto pdf - I am not very good with computers but will find some-one to show me what to do. You must remember that Joy Packer was a professional author. Louie Rump just wrote this for her family and I had a copy and thought it worth putting on Kindle so found some-one to do that for me. I will let you know when I can send it and thank you for your interest. I would really appreciate an honest criticism from you - the family naturally say they like it! Best wishes, Mermaid

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