A nasty experience.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. Right, a few weeks ago I was dragged around a friggin castle in Somerset, and as we exited my missus spots a sign that said, :arrow: to the ghost trail.
    So I'm pulled into a vault/cellar and she sets too reading about ten hours of spiel about said ghosts.
    I tells her that the only ghastly apparition I could not wish to meet at night would be her mum in stockings and suspenders.
    Anyhow she reads on and I am fookin starving, knowing well I have a big oggy and a cheese cake yogurt not more than a brisk walk away. Yummy.
    So she waffles and I pipes up fcukin ghosts what a load of wan..............
    Oh shit, from the direction of a blank wall a friggin great boulder(ten pence size stone) is heaved at me from nowhere.
    Me being a rough and generally macho big b*stard, I made it out the bat cave in 2.3 seconds at an acceleration speed that would put sea dart to shame.
    Now I am not easily scared but I would not go back in that friggin cellar for another pension.
    Mrs bleeding Rumrat has brought the friggin stone home, and I will not touch it. She keeps it on top of the biscuit tin.
    I ain't had a biscuit for yonks, life is a bitch.
  2. Gen dit.

    Never really been one for ghost stories but I had an odd experience earlier this year when my Grandfather died of the big C.

    The very moment he died, his watch stopped. The watch had worked fine for years, it wasn't a wind up one, it was just a standard decent watch. Freaked me out a bit.

    Also the SCOT Cabin on HMS Exeter is haunted by the ghost of a little girl who died on family's day, but this might be a story that I made up to scare the WE roundsmen. ;)
  3. I got a poke in the ribs whilst touring Mary Kings Close in Edinburgh about 3 years ago on the ghost tour.
    Standing alone in one of the rooms at the time so I couldnt blame the Mrs.

    Later that night in the hotel room the kettle decided to switch itself on and boil.

    I unpluged it then went back to sleep.
    An hour later the bed apparently started shaking and moving but I slept through it.

    We asked the porter in the morning about it and he said the hanging tree was outside the hotel where we were and they used to string them up straight from the court.
    Other things occur such as the lift moving on its own and furniture moving.
    Spooky stuff.
  4. When my hubby Ken died at 1412 on 5 Feb,the pumps on the beer taps stopped working at our local bar!!
    Move along 4 years and on the date of his death, my new hubby Tom was walking outside and down the stairs of our villa when the top of the ballastrade fell off and just missed his foot.You guessed it, the time was 1412.
    Spooked us both out a bit!!
    Weird or what?
  5. A tiffy on the Andrew was welding in the donk shop and he electomacated himself …in them days if your heart stopped they used to cut you open and give heart massage…it didn`t work and he would be seen from time to time staggering around clutching his chest ….
    I was never on the Andrew but I shared duty watches with them once during a mini refit in Guss and rather than carry out an hourly walk through …after sunset we tied the rounds book onto a piece of string so we could pull it up through the fore hatch and sign it ….rounds correct…..

  6. We had a lad commit suicide on YORK we had to keep his body in the fridges for two days till we got nearer land to fly him off. When we went into refit in 94 I had to do rounds as OOD on a deserted 42 no fcuking way would I go down there without the QM holding my hand
  7. On all 42's I have been on, I find the Aft 909 compartment always shits me up for some reason when doing a night time set of rounds.

    I have no idea why but I just hated going in there.
  8. Down at ilfracombe and went to that Chambercombe manor, fcuk spooky place.(Featured on most haunted.)
    I would NOT spend a night in there on my tod.
    Stone cold sober and still saw things I cannot explain unless its one big hoax.

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