A moving tribute to the fallen in Iraq

May they rest in peace, i have to go and get a tissue, and may all those parasite MPs that voted for this war, go to Hell, they will never meet where these guys have gone. God bless them.
to emotional for words, sad, moving, though provoking, makes you proud

all these emotions and so many more

RIP guys and girls your contribution to Peace will never been under estimated in my books



Lantern Swinger
Thank you stumpy for bringing this to Rum Ration - very moving and, regrettably, not the end to the story. This should be compulsory viewing for everyone, especially the gutless politicians who sent us into Iraq on false pretences in the first place.


War Hero
Yes indeed , this should be shown everywhere, parliament, churches,
mosques, clubs and screens in the public area, to make people aware of the reality and the carnage taking place every day in this God forsaken hole.


Lantern Swinger
"LONDON (Reuters) - Britain must hold its nerve in Iraq, Foreign Minister Margaret Beckett said on Monday, while U.S.-British strategy there is increasingly questioned on both sides of the Atlantic".

This must be a huge source of inspiration to all the families devastated by the death or serious injury of loved ones in Iraq - as an aside though, just how much 'nerve' does it take to sit in a well padded seat in the House of Commons talking through your ar*e?
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