A Mothers Day reminder.


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Don't forget otherwise your life will be Hell.

May I make a suggestion for a card to go with the flowers?


(My mum always said it was better to tell the truth)

...or perhaps this.

or maybe...

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I'll have to wine and dine, with flowers and chocolates, swmbo. Doesn't matter she's not my Mother, she has a long and inventive memory. :cool:


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Ahh. Same here. WolfPackLeader insists she's my mother even though I'm
constantly reminding her that she has never cleaned the wax out of my lug
holes with one of dads screwed up handkerchiefs.


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Valentin, mothers day, birthdays, Easter, Christmas they look for any excuse to be pampered. When is mother's day? I have been awarded 2 £70 meals for two from work could use both together, then claim back afterwards, not sure she could that many chips?

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March 6th! No doubt will have to take 'er indoors and the "Grumblie" out for lunch at one of the local hostelries (preferably one that has a decent real ale on draft) ... note to self! Clear the boot so can get the wheelchair in ... and hope she's got her hearing aids in otherwise in for an afternoon of "Eh??" .."Pardon" ... "speak up I can't hear you!" .. all uttered at 150 decibels. I can't wait!


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What with Black Friday becoming a week long sales frenzy and the recent Valentines Day lasting the weekend, it won't be long before Mothering Sunday joins in and becomes an ELWE.