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Discussion in 'History' started by heythrop, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. I have been listed as a 'back slider', but having now beaten Cancer (I hope) I am back again, but with a request for help over a Merchant Navy problem

    In order to help an old chap who has come to me, as a volunteer worker for SSAFA I need to confirm the dates and verify details of the 'New Australia' operated by Shaw Savill on behalf of the Ministry of Transport.

    The voyage would have been after the Canal had closed during the Suez crisis, and would have taken the ship from Maltato Limasol, Cyprus, where troops were embarked and taken to Port Said. The ship came under fire from shore batteries before embarking troops and conveying hem to Southampton.

    If I can confirm dates and they fit into the man's record of service then I am confident SSAFA will be able to help him.

    Any suggestions please?

  2. heythrop,

    The National Archives hold the Board of Trade papers for the New Australia.


    Edited to add this link: http://shawsavillships.co.uk/naustralia.htm
  3. That is absolutely brilliant. Many thanks. I reckon I can now find the information I need to support the old fellows's claim, which I know to be true, but neded some evidence.

    Kind regards.

  4. Is it really a year since it happened......well, to bring it up to date, thanks to the lead to the National Archives provided by Sweet Pea I was able to pin down the movements of the 'New Australia' on a trooping run which reconciled nicely with the service record of the old chap, and so I was able to provide evidence he had been in a war zone and he got his badly needed mobility scooter.

    Thanks Sweet Pea, and others who assisted. You were terrific.

    To explain my absence: I know that at 77 I am a bit old to be a student but I have been head down and tail up reading for a Masters Degree (MA) which was awarded last month, and now I am going for a PhD, but time I think to catch up with the important things in life - like logging on again to 'Rum Ration'

    Best wishes to all
  5. A big BZ to you, well done. Good luck with your PHD. :thumbup:
  6. Well done heythrop, you are inspirational - not only have you helped out an 'oppo but you are also bettering yourself educationally.
    I am SO impressed, you have made my morning better and I now feel that the world is a better place once again.
  7. Much enjoyed reading how this story has panned out. Well done heythrop and good luck with acquiring your 'floppy hat' (doctorate).
  8. Thanks for the good wishes. It really is nice to be back again, and I could not have achieved results for the old MN man without your help.

    Kind regards
  9. Hello heythrop,

    It is so nice to see your return to the Forum. :)

    I was extremely pleased to learn that you had found the evidence required for the gentleman who needed help towards a mobility scooter. :bs:

    Reading through your update post, I see that congratulation are also in order! Well done on attaining your MA. :clap:

    I would also like to wish you good luck with the PhD - You truely are an inspiration to us all. :wink:

  10. Aw gee, Sweet Pea, you say the nicest things.

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