A medical tale.


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Medical query / cautionary tale - not suitable for those of a nervous disposition. Do not try this at home.

This is not a ‘normal’ medical query. It is not about splitting a nail 2 days before joining Rally. It is not about not being able to achieve a run time of 3 days for the 2.4km dash, ‘cos you is a fat knacker. Oh no. This is a serious one - hence the posting in Lil’s.

For a few days I have had a bad back. Not just a bit ouchy bad back, but a freeze-dead-on-the-spot-and-suck-the-air-in-when-it-catches bad. Forget your Ibuprofens and Paracetemols - we are WAY past that! (And don’t forget here in Spain we get super strength of both!) So I went to my medical bag and blew the dust off. The old stand-by, which never fails, is a Diazapan and a pint of G&T. Didn’t touch it. Tried Volterol - nada. (With pint of JC natch!)

Phase 2, back of the medicine cabinet - found some old-ish Codeisan. Not being stupid (!) I only took one, twice a day. The evening one possibly with a libation……. Didn’t touch it. Read the dosage, found I could take quite a few more……. Then I thought that since the ‘best before’ date was 2012, I’d pop off and get some new ones. And so it went on…..

Last day - a Diazapan to relax the muscles, a Voltarol to do whatever they do and 2 Codeisan every 6 hours for the pain, with a pint of Southern Comfort and lemonade at tea-time. (So nice I had two! Well it was Friday!)

WAH-HEY!!! Pain free at last!! My leader could not believe the difference in my posture!

Bedtime comes…… I don’t feel so good love of my life, in fact I think I’m going to be RUUUUUUUTTTTHHHHHHH. 5 finger spread and then some. I’m sure I eventually brought up some of last Christmas’ dinner. It seems you REALLY can’t drink with Codeine…..

Sympathy? Not unexpectedly - none! ‘You were drinking alcohol with Codeine weren’t you? You could have killed yourself.’ Fair cop Guv.

That was 48 hours ago and I’m starting to feel better now, but not 100%. And that’s after several sachets of a Dioralite type stuff to replace all my lost minerals and to wash down the dry toast!

I’m so glad Angry Doc is no longer here, as I’d be getting a virtual bollocking now from him too. I can quite see how folks can get sucked into the getting hooked on pain-killers bit. All lotions and potions had been previously prescribed for a bad back. I really just put this up as a cautionary tale. Please send all your out of date medicines to: Sonar Bender, Spain!

Moral of the story kids - I’ll not be taking booze and Codeisan again! Meh - Diazapan and gin has worked without any adverse symptoms previously…….


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That was about the ONLY bloody drink I didn't try! I'm out of Kalua at the moment...........

My name is SB and I have not had a drink for 4 days......


War Hero
Tramadol and a six pack of Red Bull.
Don't operate heavy machinery..... just pick it up and throw it around. Don't drive.... just gallop along like Usain Bolt.
It's a bastard when it wears off though.

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