A mature woman

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Gombear, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. How much money has she got and what do her granddaughters look like??
  2. Well far be it from me to be the first to volunteer but somebody has too, :D ,marry the old bid and just hope she has some younger siblings :wink:
  3. MLP and Ron will be along shortly, to fight over her :roll:
  4. What if you married her and discovered she was a Kat Tai. 8O
    Talk about dipping out. :(
  5. I was just about to mention them scouse.... :) :D 8)
  6. Strewth!! what time is it ,where you are in Auss????
  7. Only when her corpse is still warm.......lol
  8. Erm no he wont!!!
  9. Have I missed something??
  10. Watch out the thought police will get you!!!

    P.S It might have passed some peoples attention but the frequency of posts from alot of peoples has dropped drastically of late!!!
  11. I had noticed but RJ came back or so I thought, and where's your love interest, Taloolah, got to!!
  12. Who has gone then????? 8O
  16. Ron was an absolute tw*t but in the best possible way. I like his droll style of writing, and even if his post's were a bit near the wire, most were funny, with IMHO no malice at all.
    So will be missed. :cry: :cry:

    Pressure on you now Mr Monty-le-Golly, talking of whom, you haven't sent me a dvd have you?
    I just opened an envelope and a dvd dropped out with Lick me |Stick me written on it. 8O :roll:
  18. Not sure he can be arsed either.

    Edited to note that i am indeed shit stirring :roll: :roll:

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