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A Matelot in a train

A Matelot is going on leave and gets on the train. Sitting on the seats next to him are a Nun a Vicar and a little girl. Half an hour into the journey the little girl starts crying. "There there" says the Nun "What are you crying for"."Well says the little girl I just found out I am a bastard" and continues crying. The Nun thinks about it for a while and says "You know I found out I am a bastard but look now I am a Nun so not to worry you will be fine". The girl is quite for a while and then starts crying again. The vicar gets a bit pissed off and says "You know little girl I also found out I am a bastard but look now I am a vicar so all will be fine don't worry". The Matelot is listening to this and pulls out a blue liner and said "Any of you bastards got a light".

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