A look back at Fort Blockhouse

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by BillyNoMates, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. nice pics matey my brother was the co there died on duty last week
  2. I heard about it...my condolences to you and all your family.

    BNM aka MSF
  3. Some happy memories .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  4. My how the memories came flooding back, I used to be boats party there between drafts, and I spent many a happy hour out in the boats usually over in old pompey tied up having lots of beer :thumright: happy days. Pity there are no pictures of the trots and even more disastrous is the fact there are no more boats there :threaten:
  5. A lovely place. MAny happy memories of it.

    The new CO is Cdr W. Durning,
    Cdr I Coulton was the CO prior. RIP Ian, you were a great bloke, I knew you only for a short while and you were an ispiration. My sympathies to his wife, children and family too. He will be missed.
  6. Memories fade with time,nice to have them refreshed.Cheers
  7. Thanks BillyNM for the pics. went to the SM Museum a while back. I remember looking out over the trots and not seeing any boats tied up there. Very sad.

    Condolences to Brendan and family for their loss

  8. 10 diesels alongside at once:-


    (c/o *dieselweasels website*)
  9. What a wonderful sight. This single squadron contained more 'hunter-killers' than the entire Fleet today.
  10. SM1 means happy motoring.
    Now thats what you call a fleet.
  11. I have many many fond memories of Dolphin. Even the ones that include that wicked frigid wind in the Solent in March ( for some reason I was always in Dolphin on course in March)! and the face scouring blast of cold air across pneumonia bridge!
    The QM at Electric Lemonade...my first thought, after coming out of Raleigh was 'how can somebody looking like such a scranbag be allowed to get away with it'. Then on coming back for courses you see another QM, still in the same shit state and think 'yeah....operational not decorational'. It's strange how perceptions alter! For the better thankfully!

    Thanks for the memories HMS Dolphin...you'll still be there when the government shutting down service establishments departments have long been voted out of office!
  12. i personally think its a great place,ive never been a submariner,always been a skimmer, although i was trooped there , i do personally think Submariners are the bravest of the brave( ps that is not a wind up or piss take)im off to fight battles with Idiotkeeper
  13. Now that the Govt of successive years have sold off our naval fleet, we see here a prime case of nostalgia - it will never be the same level again.
    Not enough potential recruits and experienced submariners.
  14. Good site - brought back some good memories. :thumright:

    I had two drafts there 63/64 as a baby sailor, and again in 66/68 both times as ship's coy (skimmer only --- sorry !!).

  15. I can still smell those boats now
  16. Yes indeed, Happy Days =)

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