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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by rod-gearing, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. My local authority has now issued us with 3 wheely bins in different colours so that we can be more friendly to the world by recycling our waste.
    this involves putting different items of waste in each bin and these will be collected on alternative weeks,ie blue and grey one week and brown bin the following week etc. Any extra waste is to be left alongside the appropiate bin and will be collected as well.
    This starts in September and hopefully will reduce the amont of waste not recycled and just dumped.
    Fly tipping is on the increase due to longer collection times so i see problems ahead.

    Can anyone explain to me why on tuesday the Refuse Collection Operative (Dustbinman as was) left 2 carrierbags of rubbish which were next to my bins instead of putting them in the cart?

    the worlds gone mad to I'm going to live in a hole in the ground and grow Juniper Berries! Baaaaaaa

    I thought it was appropiate to put this in the Gash Barge.
  2. Welcome to the world of alternate rubbish collections!

    In Gosport we only have 2 bins (black and green), but the green recycling one takes everything (almost). The problem you will have is when you are away for a week during summer and your black bin isn't collected - your trash is then sitting around for nearly a month collecting flies and maggots.

    I suggest you buy one of those Vapona fly sticks and bung it in the bin.
  3. You could always get the environmental Health people onto the case.If it poses a communal health issue then they should act upon it.
  4. We have no trouble up here, just chuck it over the neighbours wall.

    Did I mention he was Black?
  5. Eastleigh have 1 green for recycling, 1 grey for most other stuff, 1 box for glass , 1 bag for garden waste and a bag for batteries. and god help you if you get it in the wrong one.
  6. 1 large green for garden waste (but no veg/fruit waste from the kitchen) 1 small green for paper and card and 1 small black for household

    Large = 240l
    small = 120l (i think)

    paper and garden collected every other week (turn and turn about)
    household collected weekly - but you can put 1 black sack out as well - for now anyway

    works quite well, except the smell from the garden bin when it is hot
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Good service around here still, separate glass, tin and paper collection every other week. Normal collection every week. Generally speaking if you put it out they take it, had the bathroom re fitted a few months ago, they took the basin, toilet and bath, though I did have to give them a lift with the bath. When we moved in a few years ago I ripped all of the old carpets out and threw them on to the front lawn, as I came out with the next lot, the dustcart pulled up and the driver asked if I wanted to dump them. They came in and picked up the lot. No money changed hands just good old fashioned service.
  8. You lucky b%$"£%d round here its any excuse not to take it then youve got to take it to the tip your self or sort it and wait another 2 weeks.
  9. Further to my post:
    We have received a booklet instructing us to wash out all plastic pots and glass bottles and jars prior to placing them in the appropriate containers so as to prevent smelly bins and encouraging wild life etc.
    We also have to place newspapers in a clear bag provided and also any clothes and cloths etc.
    I think older people are going to find it very difficult to remember which goes in which bin or bag.
    I understand the reasoning behind this scheme but feel its very user unfriendly.
    We are actually going to buy different coloured bins to keep in the kitchen so that we can sort the waste out before we put it in the outside bin.
    Perhaps the council should supply them as well.
    Ah well, back to the ward for my Mogadon.
  10. As the the first part, you'd hope that those with common sense would be doing that anyway (although one should never underestimate the stupidity of some of your fellow man). As for the "old people" comment, they'll get used to it.

    I agree with the different colours for different material. And it's about time we all got round to doing something like this. To use one other nation as an example, the building regulations for new build houses in German have included separate bins for different materials for decades. Yes implementing a new system will be an embuggerance for a while, but it'll stick eventually. Until then, expect more "horror stories" from the Daily Wail.

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