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I've just run 1.5 miles in 9 minutes and 17 seconds and I have to say I'm fairly chuffed as it was on the road not a nice level track.

Now I know it's not a fantastic time but after reading the "I've plateaued at 9:30" thread started by some young thruster I just had to give it a try so slapped on my running GPS and just ran, why am I so chuffed? Well I'm 46 in 2 months, up until 2 years ago I smoked nearly 40 fags a day until my doctor told me I had hypertension (140/95) and emphysema (not the gasping, oxygen tank carrying version but a milder sort of out of breath getting up off the sofa and unable to blow properly in the machine on my medical type of emphysema) . I gave up the fags in quicktime and that pretty much resolved the hypertension after a bit of time - I can't even remember what it was like to smoke now and miss it not a jot but piled on the weight, I've had an office job ever since leaving the mob (well paid but not a healthy option by any means) so that didn't help and despite the occasional mad fitness fad, some time in the gym and some time denying myself cakes and beer, I've never really got on top of the weight.

So how did I go from slobbering gasping fatty to the adonis of today? Well that should be a trade secret and obviously I could patent the method, make a DVD/ book/ reality TV show and earn a fortune but here's a glimpse into the secret anyway:-

A little under a year ago after watching QI and discovering that every cell in your body will be completely replaced every 7 years I had a eureka moment, I could make myself anew, replace myself with a brand new still under warranty version and be unashamed of wearing speedos on the beach with a shiny new set of lungs.

Well it didn't take 7 years, my missus signed us up for the Great North Run and committed us to make a significant sum for charity, out of sheer desperate panic (and an unwillingness to make a complete buffoon of myself) we finally started training and dieting 4 weeks before the event (I wouldn't recommend this last minute training technique, it's quite stressful although arguably effective) We completed the run in a reasonable time and just carried on running (2:37 including 15 minutes queuing for the portaloo at the halfway point - don't be fooled into drinking every bottle of lucozade, powerade and evian given away at the start line by the sponsors - lesson learnt) I now run between 2-5 miles every day and we either run a 10k or cycle 25 miles every Sunday, following the sound theory of calories used>calories ingested = happiness, I now feel great.

Sadly my doctor tells me that the replacement me is unlikely and I can never fix the lung damage caused by 29 years of smoking - emphysema is not reversible apparently. However we are off to the caribbean for Christmas and I will be flaunting my abs on the beach unashamedly whilst pointing with tensed biceps in the direction of the gym, and we'll be running; something I never thought I'd do on holiday but I need to get my money's worth out of the £100 I spent on trainers .......... before settling down by the pool for a few well deserved rum and cokes :-D

Anyway, next time some young thruster asks how to improve his mile and a half time beyond 9:30 the answer is frankly get off your arse and work harder, if I can do it anyone can, especially if you are young and spritely. :blob4:
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It is a sad fact of life that when the Doc informs people they are diabetic knackered FUBAR they then go on a health kick. Your own common should tell you the toby jug in the mirror is not strong and healthy so do something about it before you pass the point of no return.

I was running marathons ten milers half marathons most weekends. Then bang my brain popped through high blood pressure. Sadly it is a family thing genetic etc I was super fit but the blood pressure was high. Well one brain op later to stem the bleeding brain and I left the running behind and picked up the rucksack and headed for the hills. Slow walks round the park with the council lead, walking back to fitness team is not me. What I would say to everybody is do please go get your blood pressure checked. Blood pressure is a killer. I have lost a few mates through blood pressure and a few mates have lost there wife. Blood pressure is a killer and the biggest killer of all is stress. Chill out and head for the hills and like chieftiff wrote dump the fags.


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I'm impressed ChiefT! At 49 I was pleased to make 10.10 a few months ago, despite my employer requiring 1.5 mile in 12 mins (no age concessions below 50)

BPUK made a sobering comment with regards to blood pressure and I have to say that I'm winding the running down, preferring instead to take up a more sedate mountain biking along with some walking.

'alf a century on, it's about moderation. Do something and not nothing.
Its obvious you guys ain't heard of the Tortoise --eats when hungry,moves slowly and lives for fcukin years !

Joking aside --agree about the walking and my advice is ---------------get a dog .I have a Border collie and we do
a few miles each day .Different places for views and its amazing how many dog owners stop and chat. Am lucky
lots of forest and parkland around my area--and the sea and beaches are near aswell. Still smoke but not as much as I used to.
feel better for it aswell.

Aye, you do not need to jog/run to keep fit, walking is as beneficial. I can't run as I get jip from an old injury, walking at ramming speed I still get jip but less intense, plus I am not breathing out of my hoop like some joggers/runners. Current time for my 20 mile walk is 3hrs 55mins.
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