A little help checking a bloke.

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by FinnishMarine1/03, Jan 17, 2011.

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  1. Hello brother Marines,
    I need help with checking the background of a person saying he served in the RM without alerting him to the fact that he is being verified.
    I do not have his Service ID.

  2. NO!
    How do we know who you are?
    There are numerous other Walt (imposter) hunting guides on here have a search for them.
    Frankly I don't care, if I bothered about all the numpties out there posing as ex RMs, 'Part Time SBS on extended leave to recover from their last Op in the 'Ghan and only working on the door of this pub to make ends meet, honest' big timers, or and out of work seesion musician blagging it as 2nd Bassoon of CinCHome RM Band I'd have no time to up my score on MoH 'Hit the Beach Commando stylee 2'.
    If he's blagging free drinks down the Finnish Old Vets club of a Saturday night and it means that much to you, accost him in the toilet with one of your Reindeer skinning knives that should get to the bottom of it.
    Thanks for joining by the way.
  3. NZB - just climb down off that fence and say what you mean......!
  4. Well if you want I can send copies of my service record and references, but point taken.
    Well this particular person is heading an organisation for PMC´s and PSC´s and has now been accused of being a walt so I was hoping for some help in checking him out.
    But I respect your decision if you choose not to help me in this matter and if it where so easy as to use my skinning knife I would have already used it, or one of my other ones ;)
  5. PMCs and PSCs infiltrated by Walts?
    Good grief whatever next?
    Did someone not get the Diemaco C8 to play with before starting the Walt accusations?
    I pine for the good old days when Mercenaries could at least have been expected to have served at least a year in the Pioneer Corps or Royal Corps of Transport before rocking up to kill Africans and Belgian Nuns.
    But seriously, these type of threads usully descend into lynch mobs from those who closest association with the RM is that they once saw a Bootneck flash past them on a run as they were coming out of the NAAFI on a stand easy with pie gravy dribbling down their chin.
    It all gets a bit samey in the end and whilst vaguely amusing in most cases, especially if there's a Facebook account, there are plenty of other threads on the same subject on here.
    But heyho as you can take a joke, I'll give you a starter.
    Challenge him to some Naked Roll mat fighting, if he balks you know he's an escapee from Fantasy Island.
  6. Welcome FM - we're not all like NZB, I personally have time for the silver eagle. What details has he given you?
  7. Take it to PMs please before names/details are mentioned.
  8. Agreed......
  9. Well him being at least 140kg I´d rather not even see him naked, also as he is living in germany he might have picked up one to many "dirty" tricks so I think I´ll pass on the naked mat fight.
    Now I just have to carve out my eyes with a rusty spoon hoping the image was only burnt ino my retina and not my brain...
  10. V Poor - The capbadge of the Coastal Jaegers is the golden eagle not silver - Fail, must try harder to get a "purema"

    Finnish Marine Commandos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2011
  11. You are welcome to check my Golden Eagle in my profile page. Sorry but I missed your check with the "Silver Eagle" remark...
  12. Hello mate. I wouldn't worry as labrum is getting a bit rough around the edges these day. Senile dementia I think its called!!

    As for outing this walt, just ask him for his service number. Regular Bootnecks numbers used to start with PO, Reserves P9. This has recently changed to the same as the army sadly but if he's genuine then he will cite his number starting with the ones shown.
  13. Was thinking about that option but the problem is I need to check him without alerting him because if he is a walt it will give him time to "cover his ass"...
  14. 140Kg!!:eek:mfg: Sounds like a SubMariner rather than a Royal.
    Either that or his phys to beer intake ratio is a bit skewed.

    Aye Lab FM seems to be quite conversant with British colloquialisms (Fank yew spelcqyeer:sad10:) perhaps he's one of those Brit Finnish Marines I keep hearing about, who also did some time in the FFL and USMC .:giggle:
  15. Golden Eagle is that like the Ruff as Fcuk Duck?
  16. Ok my english is pretty good for a Finn, well at least i dont sound like Häkkinen, but that last comment made no sense to me...
  17. Nice profile pic it's the dog tag chain I like best. Bet you've got a knife like this, eh?
  18. I love huge cap badges me.
    my favourite has to be...

  19. Nope, don´t have one.
    And have I said something wrong or why the constant "ass-chewing"
  20. I wouldn't take it personally. he lives in NZ and they only have hairy creatures to bum. ;-)

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