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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jamesb, Sep 2, 2013.

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  1. Hello, so I have recently been thinking about my future and have decided I want to pursue my childhood dream and join the Royal Navy. I've got my ICP tomorrow so that should add to my knowledge already gained from reading the treasure trove of information on the RN site. I still don't know what role I would like to do but I've warmed to the idea of either a Communication and Information Specialist or a Warfare Specialist, I've been told that the latter is rather more boring or words to that effect then the former as you're waiting for a ship or missile that is unlikely to materialise so I think I'm more inclined towards the former.

    I just want a bit of advice regarding the stages of the recruitment processes, I'm not colour blind but I cannot for the life of me recognise any or very few of the Ishihara test cards. I was a railway engineer but I failed my medical because of this Ishihara test and I was unemployable as a result, is this the same test the Royal Navy perform? Also I'm a four year 10-15 a day smoker, I'm twenty years of age and I have just started running and I've noticed an alarmingly massive difference in my stamina. I can still run 100m in 11.5 seconds but I cannot get near the five and a half minutes I used to be able to run when I was at school for the 1500m, at the moment I struggle to run a mile (1609m) in seven minutes. I know I need to give up the cancer causing nicotine sticks and I will but can the effects be reversed? A quick Internet search just pulls up retarded answers from 'yahoo answers' and isn't useful at all. I'm going to see my GP and she what the expert says, but any advice from anyone who's ever been in a similar situation would be much appreciated. I have no problems doing 23 press ups/39 sit ups in a minute, I can swim 50m in under four minutes and tread water for longer then two minutes but it's just the running which I'm anxious about.

    I've been informed that the recruitment process will take around eighteen months to complete so I do have time on my side, I'm not worried in the slightest about the Physcometric test; I'm confident about my ability to think fast. So how long did the process take for you? What are the time limits for failing any of the stages? I've also been told that if at your medical you have the minutest of problems, you can be 'deferred' for up to four years. Is this true? Because it seems a bit steep to be plausible.

    Any way that's enough babbling from me, any advice as stated above would be appreciated.


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  2. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    A quote from the medical standards for entry thread, "Impaired colour perception (colour blindness) is not a bar to service but may limit career choices."

    I start basic in November and will have waited 22 months in total. I'm joining as a WE.

    You have plenty of time to develop your run time and kicking the habit will both increase your health and save you money (especially now you're unemployed).

    At the PRNC you will get an additional 10% on your run time but you really shouldn't need it.

    In regards to choosing what branch to join you should sit the psychometric test with an open mind and your AFCO will print out all the details for the branches you qualified to apply for. Give them all a read through and ensure you mention the issue with your eyes to the AFCO so they can advise you better.

    Good luck.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The best place to have your questions answered definitively is at the Q&A section of the ICP after you've seen the presentation (which in itself will answer many of your questions).

    We grade colour perception, initially using the Ishihara Test. Warfare branches need to have good colour perception due to navigation requirements (red/green markers, etc).

    With regard medical deferrals, it depends on the condition. If you've currently got asthma, you need to be 4 years free from signs/symptoms treatment before you can be passed fit to enter.

    Fitness-wise, just get training, don't try to analyse it. Smokers can pass Commando selection and training, but it's easier if you don't smoke and the longer ago you used to smoke, the easier it is to get fitter.

    The recruiting process takes far less than 18 months, but depending on the frequency of branch intakes, number of training places on each and the number of successful applicants ahead of you, waiting times can vary.
    Really? I thought you waited far less to join as a WE? Didn't you initially faff-about applying to join the Royal Marines, changed your mind, then switched to WE? If so the "wait" for the branch applies from when you applied in that branch, not when you sat the recruiting test.
  4. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    But if I class it as the time I changed branches then it wouldn't take the time from RT to interview into account. If that's the case then I waited 13 months!
  5. If you go writer then you'll have about 30 months to wait so plenty of time to work on fitness :D as has been said just go to the presentation with an open mind and start working on your fitness right away! It is quite surprising how quickly you see improvements with effective training and good nutrition.
  6. Ninja, can you find out the current wait time for a WE please?
  7. My, you have just lost 9 month man!!!! Call the X-Files!! :p

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  8. Well it wasn't really a ICP, just an informal chat. He asked a few standard questions "any tattoos?", "Ever been in trouble with the police?", "Ever been prescribed an inhaler?" and "Any pre-existing health issues?". I reply "No" to all of them and he gets an 'Application of interest' form, "fill that in and I'll be back in a few minutes" so I fill that in and a few minutes later he comes back with a 'Royal Navy - your career guide' and a 'Submarine - your career guide' booklet (Both of which I've already read in PDF format on their website. He also gave me a few CD's which I haven't watched as of yet but I'm sure I've probably already watched them on their website. I only had a few question as I've already done pretty comprehensive research, overall it only lasted 20 minutes. I'm waiting for a proper application form to arrive through the post any day, I have to say I get excited every time the postman comes but as yet just crap or my parents bills which is a let down.

    I went to the doctors and got a smoke-free appointment for next week, I also got my BMI measured which is 20 (Height 173cm + 60KG). When I last went three years ago it was 19.7 and I was 173cm + 59KG , but pretty happy with that as I read somewhere it needs to be within 18-28 range and I'm just trying to cover all my bases. I'm running a mile six days a week with a days rest on Sundays and I'm going to build up the distance every couple of weeks, my first run came in at 7:23.8 and my lastest run was 6:47.4. I'm now a lot less anxious about the fitness test but I still need to build up my stamina which I probably have 6-8 months to do so. Using the mcmillian running calculator, I see one needs to run at 7:28 mile pace and maintain that pace to complete the run in the designated time and for a mile I'm nearly 40 seconds under that and with persistent training it's only going to get better.

    Thank you for your replies, after looking at a 'chapter 7' PDF file or something like that I see there's different grades of colour blindness from CP1-CP5. I know I'm not colour blind because I see all colours, it's just when they hold up these cards with a number hidden and I can't make out the number. When I done my railway engineering medical I failed the Ishihara which ment I couldn't work on my own which in turn made me unemployable, I'm probably CP2 and I hope this colour wire test explained in the 'chapter 7' PDF isn't similar to the Ishihara. At the moment I am quite interested in becoming a submariner as it looks cool, have to well work and closely in a team, adventurous, unique and the pay is more appealing. As one guy put it "Compared to our surface counterparts, we're driving round in BMW's". I also hear it's easier to get to sleep, but the six on-six off does sound pretty savage and the limited contact with home is a major stumbling block.

    So basically waiting for my application to join Her Majesty's Armed Forces, then on to my recruit test.


    P.S - This new strength test I seen on TwoSixTV, is that a pass/fail? 2x20KG doesn't sound like much but over 4x15m sounds quite a challenge if unprepared.
  9. How long have you been waiting for? I rang my AFCO 2 weeks ago and was told that they had posted the forms yet they still haven't arrived. Really frustrating!

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  10. come through the post today waited about a week and half.
  11. Ah ok. What is even more annoying is that I live 5 minutes from my AFCO, it would've of been easier to of gone in and collected them!

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  12. yeah increasing an extra 10% sounds good to me, an extra 160m seems a steadily improvement in distance. Being careful with injuries, make sure I warm up and cool down and got a decent pair of running shoes. Haven't heard of interval training ill look it up thanks for the advice.

    I also live close to my local AFCO (about a ten minute walk) but just got to be patient, it will arrive.

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