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Can anyone tell me the average waiting time of a Medical Assistant General Service? I couldn't find anything close to 2014 on the website.

My wife's friend is a LH chef and as I was speaking to him about joining up etc he told me that at HMS Raleigh, due to such a high influx of recruits wanting to go Warfare Specialist they don't have enough room or the time to accomidate all the recruits joining as WS and so are asking them if they would consider switching trades/branches to their second choice to process them quicker and get them deployment faster.

I'll have to contact my AFCO for cement facts but as they're closed for the weekend I was hoping to get some insight into current MA waiting times. Also if I phoned to ask to switch trades to MA, would I go straight to the bottom of the waiting list for MA or would my RT scores play any role in the decision?
I would hope you'd go to the bottom of the MA list otherwise I'm throwing my toys out the pram!

My AFCO gave me a rough time of 18 months from my RT which puts me around next March/April but still waiting to hear. Only your AFCO can give you waiting times, everything on here is people speculating.


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Only looking for rough guess to tide me over until I can phone the AFCO. I'd expect to go to the bottom of the list otherwise it's unfair to those who have already waited 18 months only to have some jerk cut in line the last minute and potentially take their dates. Cheers for letting me know you're times mate.
Sounds like a load of drivel to me. They dont just send people to Raleigh and the decide oh we have to many WS they gone in the order in which phase 2 is required. So if they only need 20 WS at phase 2 they will only send 20 WS to raleigh etc.


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I think it's meant to process the waiting times quicker perhaps? If indeed it is a thing. I don't know it could turn out to be total bollocks, just thought I'd double check on here to see if it's worth wasting the AFCO's time with it all.
Do you want to be a WS, an MA or a Marine? Just wait for what you actually want instead of hoping someone on here will tell you you can go next week. I know I was impatient but shite the bed!


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I'd be inclined to give the buzz a stiff ignoring, to be honest. All career options, based on your eligibility, should be considered & you should choose the job that appeals most and to which you feel most suited, rather than the most readily available.

WS is over-subscribed & has about a two year waiting list. MA requires significantly higher recruiting test score but still has a waiting time in excess of a year.

The jobs are very different.

Places are allocated sequentially, not by merit. If you switch from one branch to another you will not displace anyone else who has passed selection and been allocated an entry date.

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