A levels?

Just a quick question. Got my RT on the 26th of March, applied for CIS (SM). I'm 16, will be leaving school in a couple of months. I'm not sure whether to do a year of Sixth form or get a full time job when I've left; i know the waiting time for my trade is about 12 months, and the CA said this is probably going to go up. Any advice?
A-levels will no doubt hold you in a better position then the 12 month job.
But in just 12 months, I'm guessing you would only get A/S levels? Unless of course you 'Fast-track' them.

Anything that helps you get those 180 UCAS points, may be very helpful in the future. You never know! :)
Yeah i would only get AS levels, the part that I'm not sure about is the dates; 12 months from now, if i was going to Raleigh, then i might miss the exams? I suppose i'll have to speak to my CA about it. Thanks for your advice mate.
Hi Ben!

Confirm waiting time of 12 months for CIS(SM).

Thought you might like the Rum Ration RT advice thread to help with your prep for your test.


The waiting time is calculated from when you sit your RT by the way.

It is quite possible that the wait for CIS(SM) might go up when the next list of waiting times comes out eg 14 months. If, say, we called your RT date for ease of calculation April 1st 2010 and added 14 months, this would take you up to just past the dates when you would be sitting A Level exam papers, so the A Level idea might be feasible.
Soleil, while you still have your crystal ball out.
Don’t suppose you know the waiting time for pilot and or observer? :roll:

I'm guessing a very long time...?
I hope so mate. Its always good to have extra qualifications on hand these days. I was under the impression the wait for SM trades was quite short, alot of applications must have been made!

Thanks for the link as well buddy.

It's a different calculation for Pilot/Observer as these are Officer positions. The standard waiting times I refer to come from a list entirely dedicated to Rating Entry.

For Officer Entry, any calculation is based on the time it takes you to get through the RT, Sift Interview, FATS and your AIB and so on, before you get your place at BRNC. I would suggest, at a guess, a year to work through all the stages.

You might like this link to a transcript of a Live Chat with a Merlin Pilot:



Hi Fury,

I am also applying for pilot and Soleil is spot on with the estimate of a year. I originally applied in August, passed my FATs a fortnight ago, and will be going to AIB at the end of May. Should I be sucessful at AIB and be offered a place at BRNC for the September intake it will have taken me ~13 months from initial enquiry to starting. And that is having passed every stage at the first attempt. I imagine that for every stage of the selection process which you have to do more than once, you can probably add at least a couple of months onto the total.

Hope this helps :)
Hey don't know if you've thought about college? If you do a level 3 BTEC in a year if you love assignments you could get 2 a-levels rather then 3 for the two year course. I'm doing that but dragging it out until november (likely joining date) hope this helps :)

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