A Levels and Officer Entry



Apologies in advance if this question has already been answered in a previous thread, but struggled to find an exact answer.

I am 26 years old and looking to join the Royal Navy as an officer, however when I left school many years ago I only acquired 120 UCAS points (180 needed for officer entry).

My question is, if I study now to update my A Levels, will the Royal Navy accept them as they are acquired after sixth form i.e. home learning?




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By the book, the A Levels counting toward the UCAS total requirement should've been acquired within 18 months total. In truth, there can sometimes be a bit of leeway on the 18 month bit if you have the skills/qualifications we seek.

It's worth taking ALL educational certificates to your AFCO so they can be checked via AIB, if needs be to ascertain the way ahead. Second degrees, BTEC L3's, NVQ 3s and HNC/HND can sometimes be accepted in lieu of A Levels.