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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by ciderjack, May 25, 2007.

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  1. Got a Unit BBQ coming up and want advice on best recipe for a JC.

    Googled it and asked about, but seem a fair few options.

  2. lots of it ...hehe
  3. errmmmmmmmmmmm..... :oops: :twisted:

  4. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :eek:
  5. Gin and lime isn't it?
  6. Be prepared for the beer monsters to pay you a visit on the following nights sleep.
  7. Gin, lemonade (real lemonade) and angastura (not sure on spelling) bitter, careful on the angastura's though as its poison
  8. Worked in the Horseshoe in Gib and got the delightful job of pre-mixing them before the ships came in. Recipe we used was:

    Angosturi Bitter,
    Lemon juice (lemon squash, the undiluted stuff),
    and Lemonade.

    Hope that helps :D

  9. Thought you could use Whiskey for a JC ??????
  10. Thats your definitive answer right there!
    Miss N, any chance of quantities/ratios please?
  11. Depends if you're making it in bulk, or glass by glass. Because Angosturi is absolutely deadly ... quite literally!

    When I made it in bulk, We used to make it in in Bells Whiskey Gallon bottles. I used to put three tbl spoons of Angosturi, and then fill it up with lemon juice. We used to put the Gin and lemonade in seperately.

    So a glass would = measure of lemon/angosturi mix, measure of gin, and filler up with lemonade.

    However, if you're going to be making it glass for glass, then I'd suggest putting a small drop of angosturi in the bottom of a glass, give it a good swirl, throw it away, then your usual measure of lemon juice, measure of gin and the lemonade.

    I usually add a small drop of lime to mine, find it gives it a bit of a fresher taste. But thats entirely up to you.

    Hope that's helpful :D

  12. Nice one, thanks very much! :)
  13. No problem, mate.

    Knew knowing this would come in usesful one day :lol:
  14. For a unit bbq I'd definately recommend 'moose milk', from the Canadians, taste like ice cream until you stand up. Not a clue whats in it but its top stuff
  15. Cheers all, especially Miss N!

    Can't get better than that. Tried moosemilk last year, with bad memories.. :oops:

    Heres plotting a few bad heads :wink:
  16. Just to throw a spaniard in the works. Someone once told me that what we knew as a JC (John Collins) the one with gin, was actually a Tom Collins. It's the JC that has whisky in it. Anybody throw any light on this? Is it just a Matelot thing?
  17. Jesus! Miss Naughty will be PMing you shortly :p
  18. Angostura ain't that bad! :eek: I've still got the bottle I bought when I first started work... bought back in 1983, and only 1/3 has been used!!! It is actually very nice splashing it very conservatively on chicken breasts before frying them in Spanish/French (or another fruity) olive oil. Gives them a really nice tang. Add tarragon too then finally , a few minutes before you serve add the dry vermouth (do use the decent stuff: Martini is great) and single cream (if desired). Serve with mash (boiled potatoes, butter, cream and a little nutmeg or better still, ground mace) or celeriac (boiled, buttered, mashed with a eggspoon of fresh lemon juice per large celeriac). Mmmmmmmmm! :) Have a gin based John Collins both before, during and after the scran... :D
  19. Knew a John Collins once, but all his oppo's called him Jumper
  20. Polo or V-neck? :D

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