A humbling read about BLESMA - Times 05/01/08


Lantern Swinger

Todays magazine in the Times has a powerful account of various servicepersons who were badly injured being sent on a skiing trip by BLESMA. The reason for its direct relevance to this forum is that it features a member of the RNR who was left with life threatening injuries and serious disability following the Shat al-Arab attack in November 2006.

Some of us here were aware of the incident and I am concious that it has not been mentioned publicly before. Now that it is in the open, with names and details, may I strongly reccommend you purchase a copy of the Times to read this article. It brings home like nothing else the reality of what we do.


Does anyone know how many RNR have been injured/killed as a result of hostilities in Afghanistan/Iraq?


Lantern Swinger
Times Article said:
... the therapy is taking place off the slopes as well. For a start, the British contingent is receiving the sort of recognition it seldom gets at home. Strangers are coming up to thank them for fighting alongside US troops. Shops give them discounts. At a formal dinner, they receive a standing ovation .... “When, in Britain, would you get the public literally standing up for you?â€
This is one of the bits that makes me think...
...& there's debate over the Pay Review. The debate might usefully be extended to proper recognition of public servants who put their lives on the line.
What a powerful story - lump well and truly in my throat.

Again though it shows how the USA value their armed forces and show them the respect they deserve and that is sadly lacking in this country.

Thanks for posting the link.


Makes me feel guilty for dripping about pish. We all need to remember what these lads have done. Proud of you.


Lantern Swinger
Thanks very much for this. The work that the charities like Blesma are doing is wonderful and they deserve our support to keep it up.
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