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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Indefatigable, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. I've been having a polite debate with some Albanian chap who thinks it's ok to come and live in England and then suggest getting rid of the Monarchy, he even had the brass balls to call me a bigot because I told him to f/o back to Albania if he doesn't like it here. I know it sounds a bit xenophobic but I never did understand why people come and live here and then have the audacity to criticise the British state. If I tried to go to Saudi or China and started telling them how to do things they'd lock me up!

    This has led me to ponder upon the fate of our armed forces if such an event were ever to take place. Imagine for a moment that the populace did lose the plot and vote to get rid of Liz or Charles. What would happen to the RN/RAF/Army regiments? We'd have to rename everything!

    How about the Republican or British Navy then as a new official title? It's such a horrible thought I can't bear to type it. I hope I never live to see the Royal Navy being retitled to benefit some Eurotrash amalgamation. Does anyone else feel a bit sick when thinking about it? It takes 500 years to form a tradition and 5 minutes for a spiv politician to destroy it.

  2. I forget how much it cost (though I'm sure one of the usual suspects will remind us)but a couple of years ago, some bright spark decided that the RN needed to update it's corporate image, and the RN logo, complete with stylised white ensign, received a makeover. There was little noticeable difference, save for the cross stroke on the A. I dread to think how much it would cost in these financially straitened times to implement a radically different logo to encompass the concept of the Peoples Liberation Army (Navy), or whatever other name they come up with.
  3. Well Oliver financed the "Commonwealth of England and Ireland's" Naval logo.
  4. Well it's going to happen soon enough anyway, when Liz karks it everything will have to have the Queen's crown replaced with the King's.

    That includes:

    Ship's crests
    PO's Chief's and WOs rank slides and cap badges
    Officer's cap badges
    ID cards
    Buttons on uniforms
    Branch badges
  5. The 2012 Olympic logo cost £400k if thats any help.Thats just for some twat to come up with the logo without rebadging everything.
  6. It was saatchi and saatchi and it cost 220k.
  7. 1 February 1968 and the Royal Canadian Navy ceased to exist as a separate service.

    Could be no worse than what occurred in Canada back in 1968 when all three arms of the Canadian forces lost their identity overnight....due much to the influences of French Canadian politics/Politicians...........give them an inch etc......beware!

    For full account see:

    Canadian Forces Maritime Command - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  8. Don't forget the rum barrel, the ensign and jack staff
  9. Wasn't when Murrey Walker was on the pay roll was it?

    He probably fucked that up too if he was!!!
  10. Not true. What is commonly known as the King's Crown, (or sometimes, wrongly, the Imperial Crown) is more correctly called the Tudor Crown, and is a stylised representation of a crown. The one you refer to as the Queen's Crown is a depiction of the St Edward's Crown, used in the coronation of Charles II, in 1661, and I believe, used to crown every Sovereign since. It is highly unlikely that we would revert to using the Tudor Crown symbol.
  11. Crown spotter.
  12. I remember when I was a young Prob Writer they changed the cap badge following the death of King George VI.
  13. While we're at it, when you said "Ship's Crests"*, I guess you were referring to the 'Naval Crown', "which consists of a circlet surmounted by four sterns of men of war, each with three poop lanterns, and four square sails each spread on a mast and yard, fully fitted and sheeted home; the ships and sails being positioned alternately." Some Ship's Badges have a crown included in the design (such as the Ark, Invincible, Bulwark and Ocean) and there are a couple with two.

    *"Ship's Badges" to the pedant.
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  14. Last time I looked Ships Crests used "The Naval Crown"
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  15. Thanks Joe Crow - you set that nicely in context.

    Biggest change would be to assorted bling (obverse of medals and awards (Gallantry medals, OSMs etc) and ADC "EIIR" regalia)
  16. I was about to ask was it changed from HMS to HMS but then realised that writers then wore bus drivers uniforms like tiffs.:laughing2:

    The reason I joined as a rating of the lowest order and not a Tiff.:pottytrain2:
  17. No it wont.
  18. Steve,

    Salvage some pride and do not degrade yourself, 'twere the baby 'Tiff' who was of the lowest order.
  19. I was a junior seaman second class, I didn't think you could get any lower. I better put it in the good news thread then Bob.:laughing2:
  20. When I read the title of this thread, I thought it was something to do with meeting Wrecks in the shower.
    Then I thought shower? wrecks?

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